Pocket rulebook and much more in stock!

This week at Ritter Krieg:


60mm cupRaffle:

The fish bowl has been sealed with the entries for November’s raffle.  Now I just have to ask my wife to pull out the name of the winner of the 60mm OBA Coffee mug. Stay tuned…


7-versatile-choices-10-off-couponStore News:

A lot of people have not been aware of or are forgetting to use their 10% coupon on orders over $100.  The coupon code is ‘10%off’ and does not expire but you have to enter it into the field.  We would like to remind everyone that Scott and Alex stock the complete ASL line-up and if you are already their customers, please check with them first.


Thumbnail  MMP:

We are now stocked up on all of the available official ASL products including the Pocket Rulebook plus some out print official ASL products.


Battledice US Airborne (3)Battle Dice:

Many of the  Battle School dice are down to the last unit.  Chris is also out of stock on a few of the titles so it may be months before I get another order together.


products photo-smallTurrets:

I will be in Albany this weekend picking up the Countersmith turret counters.  drop me a line at dritter3@triad.rr.com if you would like me to reserve a set for you.


Hell's Highway - LCPLone Canuck Publishing:

All of the Lone Canuck campaign packs are in stock including the new Hell’s Highway.



Lately I have been having a hard time justifying the time spent making ASL wood products like tabletops, dice towers, and map cases commercially.  In the past I only made them as gifts for my friends or people who I thought would really appreciate them.  I just finished one table top for Keith DuPont and he stopped by last night on his way back to Ohio and I realized that my reward wasn’t in the small profit that is made but in meeting wonderful people in the hobby that I may have never met otherwise.  It made me very happy to see the expression on his face when he saw the table for the first time and told me how excited he was to get home to play his first game on it.  That really was my reward.  That being said, I am not sure if I will continue to make these products for sale for much longer as it is a tremendous amount of hours for each piece.   I still have two more tables and a tower that I have committed to and then I may take a break for a while.


cardphoto4OBA Cards:

My inventory on the OBA cards is getting low.  Scott at GA is sold out.  Xavier probably has some left for his customers on that side of the pond and Alex may have some left as well.  I will be bringing 10 to Albany for Chris at Battleschool in Canada so he may have a few sets that aren’t reserved that he can sell.  I do not foresee these cards (in this complete version) ever being reprinted again so if you want them, contact one of us before they are gone.


Finland 3 FrontSniper/ELR cards:

CALL FOR HELP: The Sniper cards are coming along very well with the toughest part now getting quality photos of snipers from the more obscure nationalities.  If anyone has a cool photo of a sniper that they would like to see in the deck, please forward it to me (I have already spent countless hours on Google and Bing so I am looking for rarer photos).  I am in real need of the Allied/Axis minors, Japanese, French, and Chinese.  Scopes are nice but not required.

The ELR cards are looking great.  It is amazing how quickly you can run out of room on a card when you start brainstorming ‘what would be useful information’.  As is his signature, Andy Hershey is turning a good product into a great product with his tireless proofing and editing.

These cards should be up for pre-order as soon as we get an accurate idea of the size and cost of the project.


The Albany ASL Tournament (NY State ASL Championship):

Now only days away.  My first time attending and am blessed to have my best friend Tim Brieaddy making the 11 hour drive with me.  If that isn’t fantastic enough, my Dad is meeting us there so I can drive him back to NC for Christmas.  I am looking very forward to the coming days.  If anyone needs any ASL products, let me know by Wednesday and I can drive it up with me.


4 thoughts on “Pocket rulebook and much more in stock!”

  1. Derek, regarding Sniper pics, you should contact Scott Mullins (Grumblejones blog). He has long had a flair for finding unique sniper pics for use in his blog, especially “sniper chicks”. I think he has found ‘sniper chicks’ for darn near every WWII nationality. It would be cool to see one or two in the deck.

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