What’s new and coming soon to Ritter Krieg

News for the upcoming days and weeks here at Ritter Krieg…

Monthly Raffle – Here is the finished coffee mug  from the good folks at Redheaded t-shirts for our monthly drawing.    To enter into the raffle for the month just subscribe to our blog at the top left of the page.  And remember, anyone who buys something in our store is automatically entered for a whole year of raffles (or until you win a prize).  November’s raffle will the a coffee mug with both sides of the 60mm OBA card on it.  So as you are sipping on your hot cup of tea you can thank God you aren’t in those cold mountains of Greece in the winter time.  Boy, do they look miserable.

60mm 2 cup 60mm cup


AFV Turrets – we are finishing up a deal with Battleschool to get stock of the beautiful Russian/German and US/British turret counters from Countersmith Workshop.

products photo-small Untitled-2


Battle Dice – Good news! we have just about the entire line of Battledice from Battleschool in stock including some 14mm and 12.5mm precision backgammon dice.  Don’t forget that we are offering free shipping as always.  Bad News!  most of the dice are in quantities of one or two, so they may be sold out very soon.IMG_2819 (2)


Woodworking – We have orders for ASL tabletops (3) and Dicetowers (1) that we are working on.  Unfortunately, this puts any future orders into February + for completion.  If I ever get caught up, I will make some inventory for immediate sale to post in the store.  I will post finished photos as they become available.IMG_2812

Sniper, Terrain, and ECO cards-  The results of the poll are in and after weighing all that is involved, we have decided to produce the Sniper cards first.  This is a much more manageable project than the terrain cards and we want to get something out to you by ASLOK XXXI.  Hopefully the first installment of the terrain cards (PTO) will be ready by ASLOK XXXII.


4 thoughts on “What’s new and coming soon to Ritter Krieg”

  1. Do want one of your towers!! Also big thumbs up for the sniper cards. How about a set of ELR ones too? Do you have black and white backgammon dice?


    1. Thanks Olli!
      The Sniper cards have already morphed 2 times since the prototype shown. Great idea for the ELR cards! I have black backgammon dice only in 12.5mm.

  2. LOVE the sniper card example, an entire set of them will be as awesome as your OBA ones are! Cool idea on the monthly raffles as well.


    1. Thanks! The newest graphics and layout are much nicer than this but the files are on my laptop at home. I will update soon.

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