Post #112 – Journal 13. BFP Reprint of High Ground, Operation Cobra, and Beyond the Beachhead. Jim Bishop Says…Link. What did I miss this year? My ASL woodworking shop up and running at last.

ASL Journal 13 – MMP

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ASL Journal 13 articles include:

  • Hatten In Flames: CG I Impressions wherein Gary Bartlett & Mike McGrath discuss approaches both German and American players might take in tackling this Campaign Game.
  • In (Not So) Free Parking, Phil Palmer uncovers some facts about Hull Down positions and how valuable they may actually be to your AFV.
  • Advanced Nuggets 2 finds Paul Sidhu & Rich Spilky illuminating even more obscure and easily overlooked rules.
  • Radio Contact Essentials offers a primer by Rich Spilky on the basics of this critical element of ASL OBA.
  • Second Impressions finds Rich Spilky musing on OBA draw pile probabilities in this extension of Robert Medrow’s essential article in THE GENERAL (and ASL CLASSIC) on OBA in ASL and providing a basis for the “Pleva variant” for OBA chit draws.
  • Alternative OBA Systems by Jim Bishop explores additional chit replacement methods in this follow-up to Rich’s draw pile article.
  • Ken Dunn gives us a Preview of the Drop Zone: Sainte-Mére-Èglise Historical ASL module.
  • Forgotten War Designer’s Notes author Kenneth P. Katz was a key contributor to the creation and evolution of transitioning ASL to the Korean War, and herein offers insight into that process.
  • A Tale of Two Scenarios is John Slotwinski’s analysis of the original and updated versions of the YANKS scenario The Mad Minute, revered for its fun factor but notoriously unbalanced.
  • Per Mare Per Terram is Andrew H. Hershey’s follow-up to Ghost Killers from ASL Journal 12 and covers the history of 41 (Independent) Commando of the Royal Marines in the Korean War.
  • The Debriefing offers this issue’s errata updates.

ASL Journal 13 has 33 ASL scenarios:

Bounding Fire Productions Reprint of 3 great Modules

High Ground

High Ground 2 includes the following:

  • 16 Action-Packed, heavily play-tested scenarios, in full-color print
  • Four 8″x22″ geomorphic mapboards (BFP H, I, J, and K) printed on heavy card stock, depicting mountains with village terrain.

Operation Cobra

Operation Cobra includes the following:

  • 12 Action-Packed Scenarios
  • 88 counters with Vehicle and Ordnance Notes
  • Huge magazine with the history of Operation Cobra and an article about fighting in bocage in ASL terms
  • 1 Bocage Overlay
  • Rules pages describing new terrain

Beyond the Beachhead

Beyond the Beachhead includes the following:

  • 16 Action-Packed Scenarios.
  • Four 8″x22″ Geomorphic mapboards, printed on heavy card stock, depicting bocage and village terrain (BFP C, BFP D, BFP E, BFP F)
  • 5 overlays
  • Rules pages describing new terrain

Jim Bishop’s ASL Page

The Bishop Says

The Bishop Says

ASL rules, tips, and tactics

I’m really not sure what took me so long to post a link to Jim’s fantastic page. You will find plenty of articles, rules explanations, advice, and tricks from a master. I will also be putting a permanent link in the menu so you can easily find his page again on this site without having to scroll through posts to find this one.

What did I miss this year?

2022 has been an incredible year for both new and reprinted ASL material. So much so that it has been hard to keep track of all the goodies thanks to MMP and TPP’s stepping up to never before seen design and production. Here is a checklist of everything I can think of that came out in the last year.


Pocket Rulebook, Pocket Chapter H, Pocket Charts, Journal 13, Overlay Bundle, Hakkaa Paalle*, Action Pack 15 Swedish Volunteers*, Sword and Fire Manila, & Hollow Legions.

Le Franc Tireur:

From the Cellar 11 & From the Cellar 12.

Bounding Fire Productions:

Operation Neptune, High Ground 2*, Beyond the Beachhead*, Operation Cobra*.

Lone Canuck Publishing:

Operation Martlet Campaign Game, Battle for France, Wacht Am Rhein Volume 2, Quick 6 V, Grossdeutschland 3.

Advancing Fire:

Prokhorovka! & ECZ Tournament Director’s Pack

Hazardous Movement:

Hazmo 2 (Partisans), Hazmo 3 (Stalingrad).

Ritterkrieg (That’s me):

Stack Guards with all Nationalities represented with unique colors and artwork.

Raaco Subdividers

My ASL Woodworking Shop Finally Up and Running

I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever see this day. As recently as this summer I still hadn’t decided on a location for the shop. Amy and I had discussed putting up a dedicated barn but of course contractors are all but impossible to find these days. So I had to consider using the dungeon at the Honda garage. The basement wasn’t fit for man nor beast and hadn’t been used in over 30 years. The door had rotted off, the windows were broken, there was only one circuit for an overhead fluorescent lamp, and the top stairs had disintegrated. Today, about five months after starting renovations, I cut my first piece of wood. Next up, dice towers, Mapboard Ammo Cases, and ASL table tops. I will be taking orders in the first quarter of the new year.

Examples of previous pieces made from the old shop.

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