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Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX is a celebration of the 30th running of ASL Oktoberfest in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. The pack spans the globe and nearly 13 years of small unit actions surrounding the World War II era, with scenarios brought to you by four Ohio designers who have been integral cogs in the ASLOK machine over the years.

The pack contains one new board (73, designed by Bill Sisler) and 10 new scenarios (designed by Sisler, Pete Shelling, “Wild Bill” Hayward, and Bret Hildebran). These scenarios are:

  • AP111 The Katanas Come Out At Night – 6½ turns, 31 July 1938, Changkufeng Hill, near Lake Khasan, Russia
  • AP112 First Ally – 7 turns, 5 September 1939, Zabrzez, Poland
  • AP113 Maintaining the Box – 6 turns, 15 February 1944, Sinzweya, Burma
  • AP114 A Lion In The Field – 6½ turns, 29 June 1944, Gavrus, France
  • AP115 Bats Outta Hell – 7 turns, 15 September 1944, Peleliu, Palau Islands
  • AP116 Mook Point – 6½ turns, 25 September 1944, Mook, Holland
  • AP117 Second City – 7 turns, 11 October 1944, Debrecen, Hungary
  • AP118 Wise’s War – 6½ turns, 13 October 1944, Aachen, Germany
  • AP119 Konev Cross – 6½ turns, 27 April 1945, Anhalter, Berlin, Germany
  • AP120 Kingston of the Hill – 9 turns, 22 April 1951, Hill 902, near Hwachon Reservoir, North Korea


Designed for the aficionado, Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Note: Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX will be released at ASLOK XXX, which is the week of October 6, 2015. Pre-orders will not ship until some time after ASLOK XXX.


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