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This six-scenario pack is compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System and 

modifiable to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems. 

BotH – The Storm Broke uses ASL boards (11,17,33,38,43) and ASLSK board (x)

This six-scenario pack revolves around a single, day-long action, in the heart of bocage country between the American 30th Infantry Division, and the German SS-Panzer Division 2 “Das Reich”. Many of the scenarios are ideal for tournament play.
Scenario #1- The US 2d Battalion 120th Infantry Regiment had rejoined its regiment, ready to head the day’s attacks. Despite the threat of German counter-attack, the 2d Battalion slowly advanced towards the village of Quesnel. As the Americans entered the village, they came under machine-gun fire from several unseen locations. Unable to call for artillery or armour support and under increasing fire from the village, the American company commander was about to withdraw…
Scenario #2- A small probing force from SS-Panzer Division 2 “Das Reich” struck the US 30th Division’s right flank near the village of lé Desert. The 743d Tank Battalion, which was on the right of the 30th Division, was enticed by a pair of Panzer IVs to advanced down a minor farm road towards a fork. When the 743d’s lead tanks were within 200 yards of the fork, the German armour struck…
Scenario #3- The US 30th Division HQ began to receive reports from the 117th Regiment that German infantry, supported by self-propelled assault guns, was attacking the right flank of its 3d Battalion. At the same moment, the 120th reported that Company B, 743d Tank Battalion had just had a brush with German tanks. The engineers of SS-Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 3, “Das Reich” supported by the panzers of SS-Panzer Regiment 2, “Das Reich” had managed to infiltrated through the bocage undetected…
Scenario #4- The Americans continued their southern advance towards the high ground of Hill 32. The 117th Infantry Regiment reported only light resistance from stragglers, but nothing they could not handle. Then late in the afternoon, the Germans launched a counterattack with elements of SS-Engineer Battalion “Das Reich” supported by assault guns…
Scenario #5- The US 120th Infantry Regiment’s  first objective was Hill 32,  and the initial advance progressed relatively calmly, with the leading platoons meeting little, or no resistance. Then as the 120th approached the forward slope of Hill 32, the German resistance stiffened considerably…
Scenario #6- This scenario joins scenarios 1,3, 4, and 5 together as combined game. By 1000-hrs, the US 2d Battalion, 120th Infantry Regiment began its advance with Company B of the 743d Tank Battalion moving ahead of the infantry. Hill 32 was their first objective in the 120th’s zone, and the German resistance began to stiffened considerably with heavy artillery strikes, slowing  the 2d Battalion’s advance as it approached the high ground…

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