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This eight-scenario pack is compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System and modifiable to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems. 

Leibstandarte Pack #3 uses ASL boards (3,5,7,10,16,23,33,45,48,49,51)

19 February 1943… Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler was withdrawn from its positions on the Mius in June 1942, being pulled back to France, where just outside Paris it was re-equipped and refitted to become SS-Panzergrenadier Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”. Having been ordered back from France in late January 1943, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler arrived in Russia in early February and was immediately thrown into the defences of Kharkov. The adhoc SS-Panzer-Korps, under the command of SS-Obergrüppen- furher Paul Hausser, went into combat on 11 February with specific instructions from Hitler to hold the city at all cost. Within two days, Hausser was requesting to be released from this condition as the city was been increasingly outflanked to either side. It was a request that fell on deaf ears, as Hitler insisted that “his” SS above all others should follow his orders to the letter and without question.
28 February 1943… The Soviet Third Tank army was pushing forward encircling Kharkov on the northern and southern flanks of the city. Localized breakthroughs by Soviet armoured forces deep into the rear of the German threaten to cut the supply routes of the Panzergrenadier Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division and the rest of the Fourth Panzer Army. With the main fighting units of the division tied up all that stood in their way were the Panzers stationed in Karlovka with the vehicle repair team. The Divisional headquarters ordered them to form a Kampfgruppe under the command of the Adjutant of the Panzer Regiment, Obersturmführer Tiemann. This force was to prevent the Soviets, which had broken through on Olchovatka from severing the Division’s and Army’s supply route to Krassnograd.
6 March 1943… Too late did the Soviet High Command realize the danger threatening its Sixth and Popov’s armoured groups. They were smashed in daring mobile operations. The SS Panzer Korps pushed through to the Donets and formed up for an attack on Kharkov. Immediate orders for regrouping were issued. Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, which was to capture and hold the high terrain around Ljaschova with its left wing to establish start, positions for a next attack on Valki. To their front, the Soviet’s were deployed in strong infantry and anti-tank strong points, supported by armoured units, which were to cover the southern flank of the Soviet 69th and 40th Armies north of Kharkov on the Poltava river.
7 March 1943… Kampfgruppe Meyer consisting of the reinforced Aufklärungs-Abteilung and I/Panzer Regiment set out following the retreating Russians through Sneshkoff Küt. The weather alternated between mud and frost and the men of the Aufklärungs-Abteilung, who had become no more than hood ornaments for every attacking Panzer unit, led the way. South of the village of Valki, the lead element of the Aufklärungs-Abteilung came under fire from hidden anti-tank guns, machine guns and mortars.
10 March 1943… Kampfgruppe Meyer and his reinforced Aufklärungs-Abteilung reached the village Zirkuny on the outskirts of north Kharkov in the morning. Meyer, who was riding with the lead elements, which consisted of a few vehicles received early reports had the Soviet defences in the city as unprepared. Seizing the moment Meyer assembled the lead elements and launch the first attack on the city.
11 March 1943… The Soviets had been totally surprised and effectively pushed back by the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division’s rapid attack. Hitler himself, who had earlier flown to Manstein’s HQ, stated that “If my Leibstandarte attacks with its usual nerve, it cannot fail to tear Kharkov from the enemy’s hands!” Meanwhile the commander of II/Panzer Grenadier Regiment 2 Hauptsturm- führer Becker received orders to wait for the Stuka attack and then launch an assault from the brickyard with support of four Sturmgeschütze.
11 March 1943… The orders for the recapture of Kharkov called first for a double encirclement of the enemy by moving around the city to the north and then making one thrust on Vodjannoje and another on Czugujev to block off the narrow passage there. Leibstandarte who had until now was attacking eastward was to redirect its forces south and capture the Kharkov Railway station. SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 1 had set off at dawn and by 1000 hours was able to overcome the resistance at the edge of the of town.
13 March 1943… Since early morning Kampfgruppe Peiper had been fighting their way to the southeast. The resistance was extraordinarily tough. Every single group of buildings had to be systematically swept and cleared of enemy forces. The Kampfgruppe managed to capture a small bridgehead across the Kharkov River and then proceed to expand. The Soviets were positioned in the houses across the river with machine guns, anti-tank rifles and anti-tank guns and fought with unheard-of bravery. The Germans advance was flanked in every street by Soviet guns placed in every ally and courtyard.

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