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This six-scenario pack is compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System and 

modifiable to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems. 

OstFront Pack uses ASL boards (4,7,10,40,44,49,51)

#1) Borodzatyn, Russia, 22 June 1941: The sounds of incoming artillery heralded the attack of Panzer Division 4, attacking across the Bug River south of Brest-Litovsk. The Grenadiers of Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 33, supported by a platoon of tanks from Panzer Regiment 35, marched eastward along the main road into the town. German panzers duelled with Soviet light tanks, while German grenadiers stormed the heavily defended municipal building…
#2) Bobruysk, Russia, 25 June 1944: The radios of the Soviet Don Tank Corps crackled with the words “Storm Five-Five-Five!” The all-out offensive against the salient of Army Group Centre had begun. However, east of the Bobruysk Bridge over the Berezina River waited a worthy opponent. The reinforced II/Panzer Regiment 21, Panzer Division 20 was well placed and could be employed against either a northerly or southerly Russian thrust. The battalion was superbly equipped, with about one hundred battle worthy Mark IVs. However, Major Paul Schulze, in command of the regiment, had received no orders…
#3) Staryy Bykhov Russia, 4 July 1941: The German Blitzkrieg was still in full swing and Heniz Guderian’s Second Panzer Group’s spearheads had crossed the Berezina at Bobruysk and Borisov and were now making for the Dnieper. Fortune favours the bold, and Guderian’s or Fast Heniz, as he was known as, wanted to cross the Dnieper. Guderian’s advanced detachments discovered the Russians had fortified and were strongly holding the principal Dnieper crossings at Rogachev, Mogilev, and Orsha…
#4) Berlin, Germany, 3 May 1945: Despite the Germans’ pyrrhic victories of Seelow Heights and Diedersdorf, the Red Army broke through the German defences along the Oder River and advanced towards the German capital. On 27 April, Sturmartillerie Brigade 249 successfully broke through the Soviet encircling ring before the Red Army had been able to consolidate its position, and the brigade’s assault guns took up positions within the Berlin defensive perimeter…
#5) Northeast of Kharkov Russia, 17 May 1942: The Germans had to eliminate the Soviet bulge on both sides of Izyum, which represented a permanent threat to Kharkov. As the Russians sped forward towards Kharkov, huge supplies stored in warehouses in Kharkov were about to fall into the Russians hands of unimaginable quantities. Timoshenko’s northern pincer raged forward towards Kharkov. The Soviets launched the 28th Army with 16 Rifle, and Cavalry Divisions, 3 Armoured Brigade, and 2 Motorizied Brigades…
#6) Gorodok Russia, 12 January 1943: The Neva River had been frozen since 7th January. The Russians unleashed from 4500 barrels a hurricane of fire over the German positions. The shell burst and heavy mortar fire was reinforced with the weight of the Red Fleet in the Leningrad harbour. Then across the perfectly flat, snow-covered ice of the Neva, charged in close line abreast, the men of the Soviet 13th Rifle Division. Their objective was the hospital in Gorodok where Leutnant Winacker had set up his command post of his 2nd Company, Engineer Battalion 240, transforming the smouldering block of buildings into a spitfire fortress…

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