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ASL compatible Scenario Pack.

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This eight-scenarios compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System, and modifiable Lssah51to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems.

LSSAH 33 LIPOVEZ STATION RUSSIA, 27 January 1944: The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front continued attacking westward, driving the Germans back to the Rossava River. SS-Panzer Division 1 Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LAH) received new orders for the upcoming spring offensive. The objectives of the new offensive were the encirclement of the Soviet infantry divisions standing in front of the 46th Panzer Korps and the destruction of the tank units of the Soviet 1st Tank Army, found facing the German 3rd Panzer Korps. SS-Panzer Division 1 LAH was to breakthrough, capture the area around Rossosche, and then continue their eastward attack along the highway, capturing the Lipovez railway station…

Forces: (Russian) 7x Squads, 2x Guns, 5x AFVs; (German) 7x Squads, 8x AFVs; Boards: 33, 44

LSSAH 34 – KOSSIAKOKA RUSSIA, 4 February 1944: General Kravchenko’s 6th Tank Army managed a breakthrough in the north, linking up with General Konev’s troops in Zvenigorodka on January 28. With the link up, the encirclement of Cherkassy was complete. Inside a 40 by 100 kilometre oval-shaped “pocket” were some 50,000 German troops of the XI, and the XXXXII Corps. Fearing a repeat of the disaster that befell the Germans at Stalingrad the previous year, Field Marshal Manstein acted quickly, stripping forces from other parts of the front to form a breakthrough force aimed at relieving the two encircled German Corps.

Forces: (Russian) 8x Squads, 3x AFVs; (German) 10x Squads, 5x AFVs; Boards: 5, 47

LSSAH 35 – FEDIOKOVKA RUSSIA, 9 February 1944: The Germans launched their attack, to relieve the Cherkassy Pocket, on the morning of February 4. The northern push to relieve the encircled six and a half German divisions inside the pocket was spearheaded by a mighty phalanx of 34 Tigers and 47 Panthers of Schwere Panzer Regiment Bäke. The phalanx’s flanks were covered by the 34th and 198th Infantry Divisions on the left, and SS-Panzer Division 1 LAH on the right. The phalanx was struck, south of Fediokovka, by wave upon wave of infantry and American-built tanks of the counterattacking Soviet First Striking Army that flooded south across the Gniloy Tikich…

Forces: (Russian) 14x Squads, 10x AFVs; (German) 6x Squads, 1x Gun, 4x AFVs; Boards: 4, 44

LSSAH 36 – VOTYLEVKA RUSSIA, 12 February 1944: At 0430-hrs, a sizeable force from the Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front launched an attacked against SS-Panzer Aufklärungs-Abteilung 1, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LAH) in Repki, forcing the Germans to pull back into a new position east of Votylevka during the morning. Then again, at 0700-hrs, the Soviets attacked the position in Votylevka from all sides, supported by heavy artillery pieces, tanks, assault guns, and planes. Stretched dangerously thin and lacking any support, SS-Panzer Aufklärungs-Abteilung 1 LAH, was once more threatened with annihilation, as the Soviet forces streamed steadily southwards. SS-Panzer Aufklärungs-Abteilung 1 LAH, redeployed into small hedgehogs in villages along the Soviet advance, each consisting of company supported by anti-tank guns…

Forces: (Russian) 12x Squads, 7x AFVs; (German) 6x Squads, 2x Guns, 1x AFV; Boards: 17, 43

LSSAH 37 – MANATSCHIN RUSSIA, 5 March 1944: The Soviets resumed their offensive now dubbed “The Mud Offensive” despite the persisting freeze-thaw weather conditions. The roads consisted of liquid mud deeper than the soldiers’ boots. While the T34 could slither its way across the waterlogged terrain, few German vehicles could, and hundreds of vehicles had to be blown up and abandoned while their crews squelched westward on foot. SS-Panzer Division 1 Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler formed hedgehogs in an attempt to stop or slow the advancing Soviet forces…

Forces: (Russian) 7x Squads, 4x AFVs; (German) 6½x Squads, 2x AFVs; Board: 24

LSSAH 38 – SWINNE RUSSIA, 6 March 1944: The weather turned once more as a cold front moved in from Siberia, freezing the ground and allowing vehicle movement. The Soviets immediately launched an attack with their spearheads, stabbing deep into the fragile German line. The crossroad village of Swinne became a fiery cauldron, as its importance in the control of movement was well identified on both German’s and the Soviet’s maps…

Forces: (Russian) 17x Squads, 10x AFVs; (German) 10½x Squads, 1x Gun, 12x AFVs; Boards: 3, x

LSSAH 39 – NORTH OF VOLTOVZY RUSSIA, 11 March 1944: Marshal Zhukov’s 1st Ukrainian Front attacked at 0800 hours on March 4. Within 48 hours, and despite the clinging mud, the Soviets had broken through on a 160 km front, and Zhukov’s tanks and motorized infantry had reached a depth of 40 km. Meanwhile in the German Headquarters of Army Group South, Field Marshal Manstein was developing a plan, but it hinged on his p.anzer forces continuing to receive their supplies of fuel and ammunition. Not wanting to depend on the unreliable Luftwaffe to provide this lifeline by air, Manstein needed the railway line to remain open…

Forces: (Russian) 10x Squads, 2x Guns, 3x AFVs; (German) 13½x Squads, 3x AFVs; Boards: 18, x

LSSAH 40 – ANDERYEVKA RUSSIA, 30 March 1944: At the end of March, the Soviet First Ukrainian Front launched an almost uninterrupted attack along the entire front, with its armoured spearheads able to penetrate deep into the Germans’ rear areas. In an effort to prevent from being encircled, Field Marshal von Manstein was forced to order Army Group South to pull back west towards the Carpathians and southwest into Romania. In an effort to create some breathing room for the withdrawing units, SS-Panzer Division 1 Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler was ordered to establish a defensive line along the higher ground near Anderyevka to the east, and Czemferovzy to the west…

Forces: (Russian) 32x Squads, 8x AFVs; (German) 12x Squads, 3x Guns, 4x AFVs; Boards: 2, 3

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