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This nine-scenario pack is compatible with MMP’s ASL™ System and 

modifiable to be used with other miniature Wargaming systems. 

Special Unit Rules for Prinz Eugen Mountain, Yugoslav Regular, and Yugoslav Partisan troop types.
PE-1 Operation Weiss- Boards 39,40, and 5-turns; a FT & DC toting Prinz Eugen SS-Engineer Platoon supported by 2 x 37L AT-Guns and a pair H38 French Tanks rush across a bridge to seize a Partisan Outpost.  Meanwhile, a Prinz Eugen SS-Company having crossed the river downstream earlier hotfoots it to reinforce the Engineers just as a Yugoslav Company arrives.
PE-2 Operation Schwarz- Boards 3, 50, and 7½-turns; a Prinz Eugen SS-Battalion consisting of 18 squads packing a ½-dozen Axis Minor SWs, supported by a platoon of H38 French Tanks and 81mm Battalion Mortars OBA launches an assault to capture a village from a Yugoslav Company reinforced by HMG and a platoon of 76mm World War One artillery pieces.
PE-3 Shot Like Rabbits- Boards 9, HOB II, and 8½-turns; a full scale assault by a Prinz Eugen SS-Battalion consisting of 24 squads supported by HMGs, 81mm mortars, and 105mm OBA on an desolate Italian mountain stronghold made up of concrete bunkers, wire, and trenches.  The Italian force consisting of 15 squads and numerous crews man, 2 x 81mm mortars and a pair of 150mm artillery pieces.
PE-4 Operation Kugelblitz- Boards 39, 52, and 6½-turns; a blizzard had struck dumping a heavy snowfall across central Yugoslavia, a Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of 10 squads and supported by a HMG, a 37mm AT-Gun, and an 81mm mortar has set up a blocking position along a forested ridgeline.  A Yugoslavian battalion- consisting of 30 squads and guided by Partisans, look to force a pass over the same ridgeline.
PE-5 Operation Scheensturm- Boards 34, 36 and 8½-turns; a sequel to Operation Kugelblitiz, has a Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of 10½ squads supported by HMG and 81mm Mortars are spread thinly along a deep forested stream in central Yugoslavia.  There they are assaulted by a Yugoslavian battalion consisting of 28 squads guided by Partisans looking to break out.
PE-6 Better to Sweat than Bleed- Boards 3, 40, and 7-turns; a Prinz Eugen SS-Heavy Weapons Platoon consisting of a HMG, a 37mm AT-Gun, a pair of Light mortars and a medium mortar struggles into position to provide fire support on the Partisans guarding the far bank as a Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of 9 squads and commanded by a 9-2 race forward to seize a bridge and the village before Yugoslavian reinforcements.
PE-7 Operation Draufgänger-Boards 14, HOB II, and 9-turns; a Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of a dozen squads and supported by a pair of HMG and 37mm AT-Guns fans out to capture and a Yugoslavian airfield defended by a pair of 37mm AA-Guns and the over watching mountain fortification manned by a dozen Partisan squads armed with medium machine guns and light mortars.
PE-8 Former Allies- Boards 23, 49, and 7-turns, the fortunes of war have change and the Bulgarians, now former allies are advancing into Yugoslavia.  A depleted Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of 7½ squads reinforced by platoon of engineers and supported by platoon StuG IIIs, have been give the task of getting rid of an unwanted bridgehead.  All that stands in their way is a Bulgarian battalion consisting of 15 squads armed with German SWs and supported by a pair of 50mm AT-Guns.
PE-9 No Sight for Sore Eyes- Boards 4, 17, and 5½-turns; the sequel to Former Allies, as the Bulgarians in battalion strength (15 squads) armed with German SWs and supported a platoon of Panzer IVs, now launches out of the bridgehead and streams southwards en masse.  A Prinz Eugen SS-Company consisting of 7 squads quickly sets up a delaying position to slow the on rushing Bulgarians.  During the night they receive much need support from a pair Luftwaffe 88mm AA-Guns formerly of the oilfields at Ploesti.

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