ASL stock order (including turrets) has arrived

Busy month ahead in the workshop.  I am finishing the Dinant maps for Dan Dolan and then continuing work on a custom ASL table top for Andy Hershey.  Everything must be ready by Winter Offensive.  One more table top and a dice tower and I am free to breathe again.  Mike Hershey (no relation to Andy) gave me a wonderful idea when we were talking in Albany to make mini ammo cases to store the dice towers, dice, and trays.  I am looking forward to giving this a try.  I will keep you posted with photos of how this turns out.


Registration has opened for MMP’s Winter Offensive.  Note the change of Date this year.


We just received what will probably be our final shipment of the year.  There are some old items that were out of stock and some new items as well.

New Items:

Suction cup tool from Chris at Battleschool.  Perfect gift for your sausage fingered friends (Tim Brieaddy) who continually knock over your concealed stacks (by accident?!?)

Compact Suction Tool Demo 200px  see more

Turret Counters are back in stock.  Tired of your Blue Tigers having white T-34 turrets?  No longer an issue with vehicle specific turret counters from Countersmith Workshop.  The last batch of 10 sets I received were sold out in a 17 hours so if you want some for your collection, jump on these soon.

th  see more

There is a German/Russian set and a British/US set.  Each set have all the counters needed for the complete OOB found in Beyond Valor, Yanks, and For King and Country respectively.


Many sold out titles of our Battledice are now back in stock including: USMC, Chinese, Japanese, Starshell, ROF, 9th/10thSS, Market Garden series, and the Panzerknackern Die.

16mm USMC Grofaz 400px  see more


Ken Smith Historical Art is now being sold on our site.  With the 10% coupon and free shipping, this adds up to big savings on some beautiful limited edition ASL artwork.  Included is the art for the cover of the upcoming module Yanks 2.

ve  see more




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