Pre-Order Poland In Flames with Free Dice plus much more

I am very excited to be receiving our first order from the great people at Bounding Fire Productions.  We will be carrying a small quantity of each of their products in stock for you.  Once again, if you are already a customer of Scott or Alex, please check with them first for all of you ASL needs.  All of BFP’s modules are on sale and we have a very special offer for the brand new Poland in Flames module.   With the purchase of PIF, not only do you get our reduced pre-order price, you also get free shipping, PLUS you get a free set of Polish precision dice!

pifBattledice Polish

What’s the catch?  I only have three sets of the dice in stock so I am limiting the offer to the first three PIF orders.  Why am I doing this?  I am hoping that you love the dice so much that you will return to my site to buy more for your other nationalities.  Note that PIF will only be arriving to retailers next month but I will be shipping the same day it arrives in my hands.  You can pre-order PIF Here


MMP News:


I spoke with Luanne this morning and she is expecting to ship Yanks 2  to retailers by the end of January.   We will be offering free shipping & a special pre-order price. You can pre-order Yanks Here



DuPont4DuPont1 - Copy DuPont2

Keith DuPont sent me photos of his first game on the new table.  The table was made to hold RAACO trays which he is planning on getting soon. Chris at Battleschool is selling RAACO for those of you that are looking to switch to or expand your counter storage.

On deck:

Afrika Korps ammo case (to hold ASL maps) for Eric at the outpost.  I will be posting photos of the finished product soon.

Finishing the Kakazu ridge and Dinant 3D maps for Dan.

PzIIIJ table for Andy.

Dice tower for Tim.  All I can say is you will not believe your eyes when you see what we came up with for this design.  It will blow your socks off.


If I don’t post again in the next week, I want to wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year.  Spend time with the ones you love (even if it’s just a phone call).

Best wishes.

Derek and Ulrich.




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