#38 Free Dice!!! Poland In Flames has finally arrived. Raffle Winner. Sniper help needed plus much more

ASL Bttledice dice 16mm Japanese


Battledice French 16mm

March Special: Free Pair of Nationality Battledice with purchase of $200.00 or more.  Simply e-mail me with the pair of dice that you would like and I will include them with your order.  Spend $400 and pick 2 sets, etc. Choose between the Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Finns, USMC, German (Arnheim), British, 9th/10th SS, Polish, or precision 12mm or 14mm backgammon dice in your choice of colors.  Sorry, not applicable to pre-orders.

Italy 16mm




PIF:  After months of waiting and weeks of delays, it is finally here.  Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered for your unending patience.  By the time you are reading this, your copy will be in the mail along with your free set of Polish Battle Dice.  I still have a few sets of the Battledice left in stock so I will extend the pre-order promo until the dice are gone.  You can order here.



Journal 11 has arrived:

ThumbnailASL JOURNAL 11 is a 60-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader and features ten articles, the latest Q&A/errata, twenty-five ASL scenarios (including one Deluxe, one Operation Veritable, one Festung Budapest, and two Valor Of The Guards scenarios), and three Squad Bleeder scenarios (and their associated purchase charts), all printed on cardstock.

JOURNAL 11 includes the following articles:

  • The Best Campaign Game Ever? Mike McGrath explores Valor Of The Guards CG IV “Savage Streets of Stalingrad”.
  • The Halfling Aaron Cleavin details why you are probably not Deploying often enough.
  • Forgotten War by Kenneth P. Katz presents a preview of the Korean War ASL module.
  • Squad Bleeder III is Bret Hildebran’s next installment of the ASLOK “fog of war” tournament scenarios.
  • Relaxing With Intensive Fire J.R. Tracy sez: “Don’t worry! It’ll be fine!”
  • Slaughter At Ponyri HASL Jim Aikens, Jeff Coyle, and Pete Shelling describe the design and playtest details of this upcoming Historical ASL module.
  • Getting To Know Gavutu-Tanambogo Jon Neall takes you on a tour of this exotic island destination.
  • Rivers To The Reich Jim Stahler celebrates the last of the Squad Leader scenario conversions.
  • The Vierville-sur-Mer Boat Club Chas Argent wants YOU to reach the beach in scenario AP101 When I Call Roll.
  • Recon: The 10th Guards Rifle Division Action Pack Ken Dunn is having another baby.
  • Debrief This issue’s errata updates, and details about the scenario updates for the new edition of YANKS.

JOURNAL 11 also includes 25 ASL scenarios and 3 Squad Bleeder scenarios/purchase charts:

  • J161 Riding To The Rescue (German vs British, 24 May 1940)
  • J162 African Brothers (British vs Italian, 10 July 1940)
  • J163 Aiding The Local Constabulary (Italian/South African vs Mutineer, 29 March 1941)
  • J164 Aiding The Local Constabulary (Italian vs South African vs Mutineer, 29 March 1941) *This is a 3-player version of J163.
  • J165 Among The Dead (Greek/New Zealand vs German, 26 May 1941)
  • J166 Maximum Aggression (British vs Japanese, 19 December 1941)
  • J167 Hart Attack (German vs British/American, 28 November 1942)
  • J168 Katyusha’s Embrace (Romanian/German vs Russian, 8 August 1943)
  • J169 Few And Far Between (German vs Russian, 30 August 1943)
  • J170 Red Churchills (Finnish vs Russian, 20 June 1944)
  • J171 Whom Gods Destroy (EDES vs German vs ELAS, 14 August 1944) *This is a 3-player scenario.
  • J172 Ramcke’s Redoubt (German vs American, 16 September 1944)
  • J173 Assault On Baerendorf (German vs American, 24 November 1944)
  • J174 Heart Of Athena (Partisan vs British, 7 December 1944)
  • J175 Bedburg Bite (German vs Canadian, 16 February 1945)
  • J176 Deadly Assumption (American vs German, 4 March 1945)
  • J177 Coup De Main At Hamminkeln (German vs British, 24 March 1945)
  • J178 Old Friends (German vs American, 26 March 1945)
  • J179 Resignation Supermen (American vs German, 10 April 1945)
  • J180 The Hour Zero (SS vs British/German, 8 May 1945)
  • J181 The Deadly Line (Japanese vs Russian, 13 August 1945)
  • FB19 War Brotherhood (Russian vs Hungarian/German, 25 January 1945)
  • HS33 Down On The Farm (German vs Canadian, 19 February 1945)
  • VotG26 Bad Day For The Luftwaffe (Russian vs German, 20 September 1942)
  • VotG27 Drama, The Park, And Deadly Things (Russian vs German, 23 September 1942)
  • Squad Bleeder 4 Dismantling 1st DCR (German vs French, 15 May 1940)
  • Squad Bleeder 5 Stampede Of The Wild Buffaloes (German vs American, 17-19 September 1944)
  • Squad Bleeder 6 Eviscerating Vienna (German vs Russian, 8 April 1945)

The JOURNAL 11 ASL scenarios require the following boards and overlays:

Boards: 4, 10, 11, 19, 22, 38, 40, 44, 51-53, 56, 58, 59, 61-65, 67, 1a-3a, 5a-7a, t, Deluxe a-d, RR, FB(NW), FB(SW), and VotG.

Overlays: O1, O2, O5, OW1, RR1, RR4, RR6, St3, X5, X7, X8, X11, X13, X15, X16, X19, X24, and X27.

The Squad Bleeder scenarios also require the following boards: 3, 6, 16-18, 20, and 45.

ASL JOURNAL 11 is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.






The raffle winner for the month of February is… Wade Semiless.  Wade will be receiving a free one of a kind collector’s edition coffee mug featuring the US 105mm Howitzer courtesy of Tim Brieaddy at Red Headed Tshirts. 

Speaking of winners, here is a photo of Carl Ise rocking February’s raffle prize.

Carl Ise



Sniper Cards:

The Sniper/ELR Cards are picking up steam. They may even be available before the projected release date of ASLOK XXXI but I need your help with two things.

  1. I need photos of Snipers from the following nationalities: French, US, USMC, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Other Axis Minors, Other Allied Minors, Finnish, Partisan.  Please send photos to dritter3@triad.rr.com.
  2. I need to know which photos you think are best for the cards.  I will be polling every week (or so) to find out what your favorite picks are from each nationality.
Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

British Sniper Sized 10



Image 1


British Sniper Sized 9



Image 2

British Sniper Sized 4British Sniper Sized 5

British Sniper Sized 3British Sniper Sized 6British Sniper Sized 2

British Sniper Sized 1British Sniper Sized 8





Image 3




Image 4





Image 5




Image 6




Image 7





Image 8




Image 9





The 2 Half Squads podcast episode 155 is out.



2nd Annual ‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ Team Tournament

We are less than a month away from the largest and longest running ASL tournament in the whole city of Kernersville.  Because of overwhelming demand, we have opened the registration up to another team.  That makes 15 of the worlds friendliest players all at one event.    As you are reading this, Tim Brieaddy is putting the finishing touches on the artwork for the t-shirts and I am putting together a prize list.   Registration is closed for the team tourney but you may still be put on the reserve list and/or can pop in for games between Friday and Sunday.  Registration for the tournament is free (we are getting Mexico to pay for it).

Players confirmed.

  1. Derek Ritter
  2. Ulrich Ritter
  3. Tim Brieaddy
  4. Dylan Ritter
  5. Ray Woloszyn
  6. Ken Knott
  7. Jeff Jordan
  8. Hayes Wauford
  9. Jamie Cribbs
  10. Al Griffa
  11. Dave Stephens
  12. Peter Ortega
  13. Mika Harviala
  14. Kevin Conley
  15. Doug Sheppard*
  16. Scott Bricker*




stug-black-large-510x386I would like to make mention of the best T-shirt Shop in the world (maybe not the universe, but definitely the world).  It is a great website to visit for great ASL and WW2 themed t-shirts, longsleeved t-shirts, cups, and morale patches.  Look around and if you don’t see what you like, contact Tim and he will be glad to give you a quote for some custom work.  He even has a section devoted to the greatest game in the universe.

HK wargamerHong Kong Wargamer has a new post on his fantastic website.  Thanks Jackson!






Order of Arrival (approximate):

Battle Dice – arrived

Complete Lone Canuck line –  arrived

Winter Offensive Pack 2016 – arrived

Heat of Battle – arrived

Tanks 101 Video – released

March Madness – arrived

Poland In flames – arrived

Journal 11 – arrived

Friendly Fire – arrived

Le Franc Tireur – This week

Yanks – March/April

Dice Towers – March

Ammo/Map crates – March

Sniper/ELR Cards – late Summer/early Fall

ASL Korea – in time for the 32nd anniversary celebrations of Kim Jong Un, lead singer for Twisted Sister’s release of ‘We’re not gonna take it!’

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister on 12/21/84 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)
Kim Jong Snider of Twisted Sister on 12/21/84 in Chicago,


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