#43 Last Call for Dice Pre-Order. Best of March Madness Back in Stock

The new Precision Battle Dice from Battledice are in the mail and should be arriving any day now.  That means that this is the last chance to get them at the pre-order price of 20% off. You can click on any of the images to bring you to the pre-order page.

US First ArmyD-Day 1st 29th D-Day Ivy 9th D-Day German 7th Army D-Day 716 352 D-Day 709 91   1st SS 2nd 3rd SS5th 12th SS9th 10th SS



SK 2Starter Kit:

One of the greatest things for me is seeing how many people are buying the Starter Kits.  Every sale represents someone new entering the world of ASL.  One of three fates awaits each of these  new SK players.  1. Some will stop playing.  2. Some will continue to play as ASL SK is a great game in it’s own right. 3. Some will take the plunge into full ASL.  I think that this website can be a tool for all three groups.  Perhaps if I provide some ASLSK specific resources, I can help move some from group 1 into group 2 and eventually help transition some in group 2 to group 3.  So going forward, I will be adding a section to the page for Starter Kit specific resources. I hope it will help the Starter Kit community.  If you have links, articles, or stories, questions that you wish to share, please post them to the site.  Please look for the page in the coming weeks.




New Post From Jackson at Hong Kong Wargamer
















The Very Best of March Madness Vol. 1 is back in stock in very limited quantities.  Also new to Ritterkrieg is the March Madness Commisar Pack.

March Madness Vol 1commissar pack






AAR from Joe Leoce who attended Nor’Easter XX


Hell’s Highway Campaign Game:Hell's Highway - LCP

Hayes Wauford and I will be starting the Hell’s Highway CG from Lone Canuck Publishing.  I will be posting short videos before and after the scenarios as an After Action Report.  I will be playing as Pz. Brigade 107 and Hayes will be playing as the British/US 101st.


From what I understand, the campaign game plays out as follows:

Two strong German armored units composed of Panthers, Flak halftracks and assault engineers smash into the Dutch town of Mariaheide between Veghel and Uden from opposite ends cutting off the 30 Corps’ advance toward Arnhem.  The US 101st Airborne from the South and British armored units (including Fireflies) from the north try to re-open Hell’s Highway by wresting control back from the bad guys while typhoons (counters come with the pack) hunt German armor from above in this multiple scenario campaign game.



Order of Arrival (approximate):

Complete Lone Canuck line –  arrived

Winter Offensive Pack 2016 arrived

Heat of Battlearrived

Tanks 101 Video released

March Madness arrived

Poland In flames arrived

Journal 11 arrived

Friendly Fire arrived

Le Franc Tireur arrived

FT200 Video – released

Lone Canuck Publishing – Ost Front 3 – Arrived

Dice Towers – Soon

Ammo/Map crates – Soon

Normandy and SS Battle Dice: End of April

Yanks – May/June

Sniper/ELR Cards – late Summer/early Fall

ASL Korea – ???

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