#48 The Yanks are coming!!! ASLOK XXXI. Festung Budapest. Red October. Red Factories.

I am so sorry for the infrequency of the Ritterkrieg updates.¬†My wife and I have both failed our personal morale checks and now we are cleaning up the game board.¬† I¬†am thankful that there were many more two’s than twelve’s in our twenty years together.¬†¬† Things are slowly getting back to normal and I am looking forward to playing my first¬†full scenario in over 5 months when I get to ASLOK next week.¬† ¬†I am looking forward to seeing all of my old friends and meeting new ones that I only know up until now through Facebook and Ritterkrieg.¬†¬†Tim Brieaddy from¬†Redheaded T-shirts is supposed to be coming with me as well, bringing his patches, t-shirts,¬†coffee mugs, and bumper stickers with him.¬† ¬†I will have a booth set up for the entire nine day convention with everything discounted below retail price.¬† I am on Facebook as Ritter’s War Table.¬† Please look me up and send me a friend request.


cclogos2Don’t have Paypal?¬† Good news… we are days away from being able to securely accept credit card payments when checking out.¬† By the end of this week this feature should be up and running.¬† Thanks so much for your patience in this regard.



YanksYanks is in stock and ready to ship.  We have a special price of $102.40 which includes shipping.  That is a savings of over $35 from the retail price when you include the cost of shipping.  We also usually ship same/next day.

Pre-ordered Yanks at $96 and never got the invoice?¬†We had a number of customers mention that their pre-order invoices were put in their¬†junk mail folders.¬† If you can’t find your invoice, simply buy it at regular price ($102.40) and send me a not that you had it on pre-order and I will refund the difference ($6.40).


festung-budapestFestung Budapest on Pre-order.  I spoke will Luanne and she was not sure what the production run will be but I got the impression it will be small.  The retail price is $176.00 and we are putting it on pre-order for $132.00 with free shipping.







Red October, the newest Stalingrad campaign game is on pre-order.¬†¬†This module combines with Red Barricades.¬† ‘But I don’t own Red Barricades’ you say?¬† No worries,¬†instead of Red October, you can purchase Red Factories and get Red Barricades and Red October together for one super low price.


red-factoriesRed Factories, combining Red Barricades and Red October into one big package for one low price.¬† If you thought ‘The Last Bid’ was just not meaty enough, now you can combine it with ‘Men of Steel”.¬† The RB maps are new so¬†some of you that already have the original RB maps may want to pick up the new version.



Only days away now.  Until last week I was still unsure if I would be attending but it looks like the ASL Gods have smiled upon me and I will be heading up to beautiful Cleveland for the entire nine day bonanza.  I will be bringing as much ASL merchandise as I can fit in my car (yup, the ex-wife got the SUV ).   Everything will be discounted to compensate for the shipping that I would have to be paying.  I have gotten in new stock orders from BFP, LCP, Battleschool, Friendly Fire, and of course MMP.  Unfortunately, with the separation I have not had the time or focus required to complete the much anticipated Sniper/ELR Cards.  I will do all in my power to have them ready for ASLOK XXXII.


The 2 Half-Squads;

Episode #166  (Yanks & BFP interviews) is up and ready for your  download


Hong Kong Wargamer:

Bread Factory #2

Mayhem In Manila


Grumble Jones; and ASL Blog:




In The Pipeline:

ASL Korea

Red October

Red Factories

Festung Budapest

BFP Into the Rubble II




One thought on “#48 The Yanks are coming!!! ASLOK XXXI. Festung Budapest. Red October. Red Factories.”

  1. I am just a newbie when in comes to the world of ASL. I hope to one day grasp most of the rules and make it to one of these conventions. I must own Red Factories for future’s sake, so look out bank account. Thanks for all you do for ASL! I wish you the best with the new chapter of your life coming ahead.

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