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Heat of Battle Retraction

After many considerations and developments, I will only be associated with HOB as the retailer of their fine products.  Ritterkrieg will not be reprinting any of the modules or countersheets.  We will continue to honor the 20% off coupon code ‘HOB20’ until the end of the month.  This is a great time to get your hands on the classics like Kreta (Fallschirmjager air assault on Crete), SS pack, and Berlin Red Vengeance.

Special Ops #8  Magazine

Special Ops #8 has nine articles, two ASL scenarios, two ASLSK scenarios, and the game Avenge Pearl Harbor.

Featured articles cover Operation Mercury (GTS), It Never Snows (SCS), card play in Avenge Pearl Harbor, Russian setup in Red Barricades (ASL), Dean Essig’s design intent behind the various Gamers series of games, Fallschirmjaeger (SCS), tips for playing the Battalion Combat Series (BCS), and designer’s notes for last issue’s game Autumn For Barbarossa (SCS).

Avenge Pearl Harbor was originally published in Game Journal #60 as Storm Over the Japanese Homeland and allows players to simulate Operation DOWNFALL, the hypothetical invasion of Japan in November 1945. The game uses the same basic system as What Price Glory? Operational cards are used on both attack and defense. Game components include one 22″ x 34″ map, 200 counters, and 32 cards.


Dice Towers are Complete


By the time I was ready to post that the towers were complete, all but one was pre-sold.  I have 4 more almost done so hang tight.

Hatten In Flames


We are expecting HIF to arrive by the last week of August. Until then I am still taking orders at the reduced price of $55.00 shipping included (in the USA).

I had the opportunity to play a couple of scenarios from Hatten at the Spreading Blaze tournament in Atlanta recently and here are my thoughts;

  1. The winter map  is great and gives you a feel for the frigid battles that took place.  The oversized hexes making counter density a breeze.
  2. The two countersheets were not needed to play the scenarios.  If memory serves me, one countersheet was control markers for the CG and the other was miscellaneous extra vehicles and units.
  3. The Special rules were simple.  There were no new rules to learn, just a short list of old rules that were in or out of play.
  4. The scenarios were small to medium and played quickly.  The German forces are quite good considering the year (1945), comprising mostly 5-4-8’s,  4-6-7’s, some great leadership and fantastic vehicles like Panthers and flak ht’s.  The US forces are a mixed bag of Elite, 1st line, and 2nd line troops.  The ROF and MP’s on those Hellcats are nothing to laugh at.
  5. Although this product includes a campaign game, it does not look as daunting as some of the bigger CG’s available.  I have always preferred the smaller campaign games like this and various Lone Canuck products to the Tarawa sized endeavors (just my personal preference) as I spend less time thinking/purchasing/setting up and more time in the action managing a company instead of a battalion.

German ASL 30th Anniversary and Italian Europa Series Dice are Back in Stock

International Shipping Explained

There is a lot of confusion regarding international shipping rates so until the new website is up and running where we will have an accurate calculator built into the checkout, I will try to explain how the shipping is calculated for international orders.  Of course,  shipping inside the US is always free.

A flat fee of $50 is added to all international orders.  This is NOT what you will pay in most cases.

  1. If your actual shipping costs are less than $50, you will be refunded the difference.
  2. If your actual shipping costs are between $50 and $60, you will not be charged an additional amount (ie. I will absorb up to $10 in shipping costs)
  3. If your actual shipping costs are greater than $60, I will contact  you to send a Paypal payment for the balance at which point you can either pay the balance or cancel the order for a full refund.

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