Post # 114 – LFT15 Shipping. Journal 14 Pre-Order. Armies Of Oblivion in stock.

It has been a super busy month. First with the release of Ste. Mere Eglise (AKA the Cow Module), then the early arrival of Le Franc Tireur 15, and now Journal 14 on pre-order.

Le Franc Tireur 15

After several years of research and development, here is LFT’s latest magazine, with 23 scenarios and 8 new maps, accompanying a small set of rules for Arid & Desert Terrains, easy to learn and even easier to play.

8 new geo mapboards

23 Scenarios

15 articles

Here are two different unboxing videos and yes, I do know that the Scouting Report is better than mine 😉 As a special thank you, not only is LFT 15 $10 off, but I am also including a $10/10% coupon in the box for any future LFT order from us (NA Rat Charts).

Journal 14 Pre-Order

ASL Journal 14: ANZAC Special Edition is a 56-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader that features articles, scenarios, and a Historical ASL Campaign Game completely authored and designed by our friends Down Under. At the heart of J14 is the “Sparrow Force” HASL, featuring a map, mini-Campaign Game, and scenarios designed by Simon Spinetti and Andy Rogers (Hatten in Flames) covering the action between Australian and Japanese forces in and around the village of Babau on the island of Timor in 1942.

ASL Journal 14 articles include:

-24 Scenarios

-16 Articles

-One campaign Game

-1 Sheet of bubble wrap for the kids to annoy you (compliments of me)

Armies of Oblivion in stock at Ritterkrieg

After discovering that AoO was out of stock at MMP and entering indefinite pre-order, I wanted to let you know that I still have a couple of copies tucked away. I am offering these at regular retail, not Out-Of-Print extortion-Bay pricing but I want them to go to actual players, not re-sellers so there is a maximum of one per buyer.

Tall Stack Treezers Review:

Picking up that last counter on the bottom has always been challenge for some of us. To make matters worse, in a game like ASL where the contents of a stack are often concealed, leaving a counter behind offers valuable recon to your opponent. So if you aren’t going to use (insert shameless plug here…) Stack Guards, then we naturally need a set of tweezers designed for the 21st Century.

I really liked the grip, size, tension and overall performance of these new tweezers. The only drawback I find is their inability to pick up a counter which is laying on it’s side (eg. sideways in a Plano divider). In my humble opinion these are a must have for counter dense scenarios and games (OCS comes immediately to mind).

International Shipping Rates Explained:

I would like to take a moment to explain our process for International shipping calculations. On every order outside of the USA, we charge a nominal $80 shipping as a starting point. The actual shipping costs will vary depending on weight, destination, prefered declaration with insurance value, and carrier. If the actual shipping costs are less than $80, we refund the difference. If the actual shipping costs are more than $80, we contact the buyer with the option of paying the balance or getting a full refund. If there is another way of doing this where the costs are transparent up front, I have not found it yet. Although Ship Station (Paypals sub for shipping) does offer this option, not only is it a completely different total when it comes time to purchase the label, but it does not have an override for value/insurance. Please note that I will always work with you within my means to bring you these products safely landed at your doorstep for the lowest possible price.

Pre-Orders Explained

There are three ways I know of that companies take pre-orders.

  1. You pay for it now and wait months/years for the product to be manufactured and shipped. This ties up your money and is a little risky if the store goes out of business (not mentioning anyone by name).
  2. You order and provide your CC information. Then long after you have forgotten all about it, your wife opens the nasty little surprise on you CC statement that of course is sandwiched between the roof repair and the transmission on your Ford Focus.
  3. Our pre-order method: You pre-order the product now and when we are within a few weeks of shipping it to you, we send you an invoice. At that time you decide:

a. Pay for it now and as soon as it arrives at our store it will be on it’s way to you with Free-Shipping*.

b. Pay for it later (your pre-order is reserved and guaranteed at the pre-order price for a full year after release**) and at that time it will be on it’s way to you with Free-Shipping*

c. Don’t pay for it at all and simply ignore the invoice. In this case, no further action is required. Your CC has never been billed and you don’t owe any money or explanation.

Although the third method can tend to leave us with some overstock at times, I really feel that it is the most flexible and secure for the customer so it is the system we use.

*minimum $30 inside the USA.

**As long as the product is still available to retailers.

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