Post #115 – Journal 14 in stock. March Madness 2023. WTICG 2023. Fight for Seoul back in stock.

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ASL Journal 14 – In Stock

ASL Journal 14 is in our hands. If you missed this one on pre-order, no worries as we still have it on sale with free shipping.

Here is a What’s in the box video of this gem:

March Madness 2023

8 new scenarios including very large and weeeee little scenarios linking a Campaign Game representing the 10th Mountain Division for a low, low price of $16.

Where The Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2023:

This year we had 21 attendees on 6 teams of three brackets. After 2 aborted attempts, Xavier Vitry finally made it to the show arriving for a 9 day holiday. Some photos of the event in the video below.

Fight For Seoul is back in Stock

and yes… we are still offering the $40 discount on the Korean Combo pack.

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