#42 Starter Kits are Here! – Ost Front 3 is Here! – ‘Where The Iron Crosses Grow’ Team Tournament AAR. -Plus Much More

All three starter kits and the Starter Kit Campaign Game ‘Decision at Elst’ are in stock for the first time ever and all 4 are at a reduced price with free shipping.  Buy the Starter Kit Complete Bundle and save over 20%.

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Scenario pack ‘Ost Front 3’ from Lone Canuck Publishing is ready to ship.

OstFront3Also available is the ‘Ost Front’ trilogy for only $32. That’s more than 20% off with free shipping.

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7-versatile-choices-10-off-coupon10% Coupon has returned on orders over a $100.  Okay truth be told, free shipping on $12 orders is killing me so I want to offer you an incentive to make it attractive to buy multiple items at once. Simply use coupon code ‘10% off’ at checkout.



AAR: ‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ Team Tournament:

Thursday evening and the  Steiners and Stranskys began to roll into the Kuban in search of iron and glory.  We had a total of 15 players divided into 4 teams (huh?).   Men bled and steel burned for 4 days as some of the friendliest ASL’ers in the hobby laughed, ate, drank, and rolled lots of twos and twelves bringing the decibel level to a thundering pitch.  The Blue team took the team championship with a +4 rating lead by undefeated Hayes Wauford.  Special thanks to Ken Knott for allotting so many points to his opponents.  My delicate truce with Ken lasted until dinner Saturday night when some of the nastiest and funniest jabs to date started to flow again.  I think everyone was relieved that we were back at it as the tension was at times too much to take for the spectators waiting for the shoe to drop.


Dave Stephens’ Finns beating up on my valiant Russian liberators (albeit of Finnish lands).

IMG_3032 IMG_3028

Peter Ortega learning the nuances of Bocage in BFP’s ‘Kraut Corner’

IMG_3016Left to right – Tim Brieaddy, Jamie Cribs (counting to five (lucky he didn’t have to count to eleven or this photo would be X rated)), and Big Al Slatzman


Ken Knott and Hayes Wauford. Both with perfect records.


Peter Ortega and Al Griffa.


Al Griffa and Mike Johnston.

IMG_3021 Skobi, our tournament mascot taking another nap.


IMG_3017IMG_3022Fried pickle care of Little Vito’s, deposited on my board.  Very funny guys.


Ken Knott showing a brave face as he stares down 24 SS squads in BFP PIF the ‘Ceramic Factory’.


Somebody (me) apparently hasn’t learned not to stack. One gets a little cocky after generating 3 heroes.

IMG_3031Hayes Wauford with LCP’s Panzer Aces #2.




Ken Knott With LCP’s Schwere Panzer Jager Abt. 653 prize scenario pack.  Ken was unanimously voted MVP by all of his opponents.   “We never could have won those games had we not been playing Ken”.

4 thoughts on “#42 Starter Kits are Here! – Ost Front 3 is Here! – ‘Where The Iron Crosses Grow’ Team Tournament AAR. -Plus Much More”

  1. is LCP Lone Canuck ?
    is there any chance they might release the Panzer Jager Abt. 653 prize scenario pack for general sale? that would be a pretty good bunch of scenarios I reckon

    1. Thanks for the comment Alan. I love it when people interact on the site. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in the hobby. Yes, LCP = Lone Canuck Publishing. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that George will ever release Panzer Aces 1, Panzer Aces 2, Ardennes Abbey, or PJ ABT. 653 for sale. They have always been tournament prizes only. So that being said, you will need to show up to my tournament next year and be the best or the worst player in attendance 🙂
      Best regards,

  2. No matter what I add to my cart over 100, it tells me the coupon code doesn’t work with my cart contents. Any idea what’s up with that?

    Also, the tournament looks fun. Hopefully I can make it up next year!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Okay, I think it is fixed. Sorry about that. Instead of excluding pre-orders, it only allowed pre-orders and nothing else.

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