Battle Dice Shipment Has Arrived, OBA Access Cards are Almost Gone, LCP Stock Arrives, plus much more


Flying into Gumrak airfield, JU52’s carrying precious cargo of Battle Dice and LCP scenario packs has arrived to bolster our defenses and morale until the Spring thaw.  Included are the sold out 30th Anniversary German set and the new Dust Devils, both in very limited quantities.


Dust DevilItaly 16mm

16mm ASL30 German

IMG_2819 (2)Also back in stock are 12.5mm backgammon dice in White, Black, Dark Red, Navy, and Green.




George from Lone Canuck Publishing has sent me the complete line of scenario packs that he carries including two very special prizes for Where the Iron Crosses Grow ASL Team Tournament.   Your Prussian money can’t buy these packs, you have to earn them on the Field of Battle! And when I say Field of Battle I mean on fold out tables in my living room.


The Complete Collection from Lone Canuck Publishing is 20% off for those of you that want to take the plunge into the deep end of the pool.  That’s almost 200 scenarios and 5 campaign games worth of ASL goodness for less than the price of a plate at a Jeb Bush fundraiser dinner.


Rising Sun Crazy Sale ends at midnight:

The price for the Pacific module will go back to it’s regular sale price of $147.60 at midnight tonight from the current monthly special price of $128.00.

We are down to our last 24 sets of OBA cards.  If you are on the fence, this may be the last chance to get a set.  There are no plans for a reprint.



ASL Tabletops:

I have come out with a new idea for producing and naming ASL tabletops.  When someone custom orders an ASL tabletop I usually make at least one duplicate for sale.  I will be naming the first one after the buyer as they are the one designing it to their specs.  So as an example, if John Smith orders a customer tabletop, that design will be forever known as the ‘Smith Class’.  You may be seeing and ‘Argent Class’ soon.

12365976_1653361101619566_5065748176303051260_o Hershey ClassDuPont3 12193805_1517327208581693_6537556686286475897_n IMG_0824



Dupont Class




Ritter Class





Ulrich Class




International Orders: Although the quickest and cheapest method to get your ASL fix is probably still through Xavier in Europe and Chris in Canada, I am now offering service outside of the USA.  Please check with them first for all of your ASL needs but we will be glad to fill in the gaps.  I have added a flat $25.00 shipping fee to international orders but I may contact you if actual shipping is way beyond this amount (I will absorb small differences), at which time you will have the option to cancel the order for a full refund.


Order of Arrival (approximate):

Turn 1: Battle Dice – arrived

Turn 2: Complete Lone Canuck line –  arrived

Turn 3: Winter Offensive Pack 2016 – this week

Turn 4: Poland In flames – middle of next week

Turn 5: Tanks 101 Video – end of next week

Turn 6: Journal 11 – about 2 weeks

Turn 7: Yanks – end of the month

Turn 8: Sniper/ELR Cards – late Summer/early Fall

Turn 6: Korea – in time for the 100th anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s discovery of the Polio vaccine.


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