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So much great news to talk about but I have to start with some devastating news to the ASL community. After a stiff fight with medical issues for the past year, John Dober III passed quietly surrounded by friends and family on January 8th. More on John below.

Prokhorovka! has arrived and is all and so much more than I expected.

From the Cellar 11 should be here within a few weeks so we are taking orders now. Included for free will be one replacement countersheet for ‘The Green Hell of Inor’ .

Hollow Legions is still being shipped by MMP to pre-orders. We still don’t have an exact date when they will ship to us retailers but I can’t imagine it will be much longer.

Le Franc Tireur From the Cellar 11 is finishing up at the printer as I write this. Included are 10 scenarios and articles on how to defend in ASL. Also included at no charge is the replacement countersheet for The Green Hell of Inor. These are small meat and potatoes ETO scenarios that test your defensive prowess.

John Dober III

John and Christina Dober

John’s Obituary Link

On January 8th, John Dober III left this world surrounded by friends and family.

John and I met at ASLOK many years ago and became instant old friends. We would sometimes seclude ourselves in Cleveland playing as many as eight scenarios in 72 hours. I will miss you my friend.

John, you will be missed by all who knew you. If there is an afterlife, I don’t doubt that you are sitting at a table with Darryl Wright drinking, laughing, and cursing the 11’s you roll (I hear there are no Boxcars in heaven).

John and and his lovely wife Christina graciously opened their home every year for the Hallowed Ground ASL Tournament. With a lot of help from friends like Ed Akehurst, Christina plans to continue the tradition in John’s honor.

From The Cellar 11


Arrived safely and shipping

We received our order of Prokhorovka! and have finished shipping pre-orders. We have a few extra copies due to some duplicate orders so if you would like a copy, this is the time.

Prokhorovka! Review:

Let me start by saying that one week later I am still absorbing the magnitude of this product. The component quality has been completely upgraded since the release of Brevity Assault with thicker maps and pages and countersheet die cutting in line with MMP.

8 Mapsheets:

The 8 (Yes 8!!!) map sheets are standard full thickness of MMP/LFT/LCP. 5 of them link together for one giant map for the July 12th inferno when the 5th Guards Army was released.

4 Countersheets:

some counters. Note the female Sniper!

The countersheets are die cut to the standards of MMP with original full color artwork.

14 Scenarios:

The paper is semi-gloss and full weight. The scenarios are mostly very large (Up to 20 turns with as many as 189 AFV facing off against each other in one of the largest tank battles represented in ASL. Of note are 2 Starter Kit scenarios, 2 Night scenarios, and 1 CG.

32 Pages of Rules:

Well written on regular weight glossy paper.

Operation Neptune Shipping!

Shipping starts this week.

Hollow Legions Update:

Our order is in and the good folks at MMP still believe it will be a few weeks before the retailers will be getting our orders filled.

Let’s welcome the British and Italians to the Stack Guard family

just in time for your desert escapades with the new HL module

ASL in an Hour – First Cristot with Tim Brieaddy

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