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Free Shipping Update

Yes, we are still offering Free Shipping in the United States but there are some changes. The post office has dramatically increased their fees over the last 2 years and we have been absorbing the difference but the small orders (one die, or a $12 scenario pack) are no longer sustainable (we are losing around $4 per order even before paying Hailey). As a solution, we are keeping the free shipping on orders over $29.95. For orders under that amount, we are charging a nominal fee of $4 shipping so we can break even. This $4 fee will not apply to most orders as ASL gear is seldom under $30 so make sure you click the FREE SHIPPING at checkout. Also note that I have added in other shipping options like Priority Mail in case you want the order expedited with insurance. I really appreciate your understanding as I try to find ways to bring you the stuff you love at the lowest possible cost. Derek.

LCP Wacht Am Rhein Volume 2

Lone Canuck Publishing has released volume 2 of their much acclaimed Wacht Am Rhein scenario pack. We should be shipping out within the week as our order is already in with George. Please consider picking up volume 1 at the same time and cash in on the discounted price.

Volume 1 and 2 at a discounted price.
ASL Pocket Bundle

MMP – Pocket combo released.

Pocket Combo: The Pocket Combo includes three items: The Updated Pocket Rulebook, The brand new Pocket Chapter H, and MMP’s first attempt at Pocket Charts. We are selling these three items together for $101, shipping included (a $9 savings).

ASL Pocket Rulebook v2

Pocket Rulebook v2: The PRB always contained Chapters A-G but the newest version of the pocket rulebook has three obvious improvements. First, it includes Chapter K, the ASL tutorial boot camp. Next it has Chapter W with all the Forgotten War, Korea rules. Finally it is printed on much thicker paper. Of course it also includes all errata and updates regarding the new Hollow Legions. The price is great compared to the more expensive binder which doesn’t come with Chapters E (Yanks), F (Hollow Legions), G (Rising Sun), K (Paratrooper), or W (FW,K). Full retail is $50.

ASL Pocket Chapter H

Chapte H: I first saw the prototype of the new Chapter H at ASLOK in 2021 and wondered where have you been my whole life. I will be honest and say that since the Pocket Rulebook was released, I haven’t touched my Rules binder a single time. Between the PRB and the LFT Rat Charts, there is no reason to. Now MMP has done the same for Chapter H. All vehicle and ordinance notes in one compact bound travel book. It has the updates for all nationalities including the new Italian stuff release in HL. Full retail is $40.

Pocket Charts: I was very anxious to see what MMP’s first attempt at pocket charts would be. I was surprised to see that some of the lessons learned from the Rat Charts were not used on this product. LFT made 4 separate version of charts (1, 2, 2+, 3), improving and innovating each time so it may take a minute for MMP’s charts to learn these lessons. I have made a comparison of LFT Rat Pocket Charts with the MMP Pocket Charts. Keep in mind that these are my opinions based on what is important to me. Full retail including shipping $23

MMP’s Pocket Charts to LFT’s Rat Pocket Charts v3.

The good: The chapter F and G charts have slightly more material than the Rat Charts. The Pocket Charts are also about half the price of the RPC. The ASOP is included, and the font is bigger for our old eyes.

The not so Good: The paper is very thin and I am worried that it will wear out quickly. There are no tabs so you are constantly flipping through all the pages trying to find the right chart (this compounds the thin paper problem). There is a redundancy of charts where the IFT/IIFT and the TH/TK charts are included twice. The front page is a title page with no charts. Seems like they could have put a full size IFT on the front cover especially considering that the front and back are the only pages made with cardstock. I am not fond of the large footprint of the charts but this may be the price to pay for the larger font.

Conclusion: The MMP pocket charts would be a great starting point in the ASL world but it seems to have missed the opportunity to avoid the teething problems that LFT already corrected. Other than the substantial difference in price and the inclusion of the ASOP, I don’t think the Pocket Charts will replace my Rat Charts until an improved 2nd edition appears on the scene. Still a good, useful, and inexpensive addition to pair with the PRB.

Links to both products:

MMP Pocket Charts

Rat Pocket Charts v.3

Fight For SeoulLFT

After being out of stock for the better part of a year, Le Franc Tireur’s highly acclaimed Fight For Seoul is finally back in stock, albeit in very limited quantities. This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to not only play my first game ever using the Communist Chinese but the privilege of playing against Andy Hershey, the prolific designer of both the Seoul module and one of the original designers of Forgotten War, Korea. It was an incredible experience as Andy walked me through the many nuances of the Chicoms. They stripe like the Japanese, use something similar to platoon movement for Infantry movement, possess true grenadiers (rifleless grenade throwers), along with a host of other unique features. Now I can’t wait to get Seoul on the table.

The Fight for Seoul - Le Franc Tireur

Where the Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2022

After a two year pause (Covid 19) ,Tim Brieaddy and I are back with the resumption of the greatest team tournament in the history of Kernersville, NC. I starterd out by making a huge mistake and setting the date as March 31st-April 3rd without realizing that this falls on the same weekend as the High Point furniture market. This little error meant that hotel rooms, if you could find one, were hovering around $250/night. So Tim, Ray, and myself decided to put up everyone that needed a place to stay at our houses.

This year we had 21 on the roster but thanks to some faulty intel provided by me, Ken Smith (ASL Artist), Ken Knott (Fearless Italian Squad Leader on the box art of new Hollow Legions) and Danny Stanhagen were unable to attend. This left us with 18 players on 6 teams. As alway, I was only a spoiler for anyone who wasn’t matched up with an opponent.

Dog tags: I have gotten a few queries about the dog tags. When you lose a game you must forfeit a dog tag as a momento to your opponent as a keepsake.

After picking up Sam Tyson (BFP fame and fortune) at the airport and stopping for a Burger and a Beer at Hops, we headed to my house to settle in and play a warm up match. James lancaster and Ray Wolloszyn showed up a few minutes later and began their own carnage. Tim came by after work to check out the scene. By Thursday we included to the ranks Keith Spurlock, Mika Harviala, Tom Kearney, Bill Ryder, and Tim Deane. Friday and Saturday saw the arrival of Andy Hershey (Designer), Dave Johannsen, Jeff Jordan, Dave Stephens, Chas Smith (BFP), Jon Plot and Will Allred. Missing was Xavier Vitry (LFT) who’s flight got cancelled. My apologies for those who I did not get a photo of.

No description available.
Amy Jo’s cups and Tim’s Dog Tags

Each team had a compliment of 3 players sub divided into expert, intermediate, and novice. Each team member plays round robin against like ranked players from other teams, propelling their team into death or glory. Events included playtesting for the new BFP module, Pizza, Brugers, Sam’s famous breakfast tacos, Dave’ incredible Brunswick Stew, a full keg of beer and some tennessee Bourbon (thanks to Keith). In total 40 + game were played with the following results.

1st place overall – Mika Harviala (5-1)

1st Place Team – Texas – Sam, Tim B., Will (+5)

Most tank Kills – Tim Brieaddy

Sniper Ace – Mika Harviala

Captain Stransky Award – Ray Woloszyn

Sponsors and supporters:

No description available.
Mika brings home the gold

Key’s Games and Hobbies – a huge thank you to Alex Key for a ridiculous amount of loot including gift certificates, and US armed Forces patches with unit histories as giveaway. I am grateful to Alex for his generosity.

No description available.
110 Pints of golden Lager on tap.

Ritterkrieg and Le Franc Tireur – scenario packs and Battledice for the raffle – Plaques and dog tags

AmyJo – Where the Iron Crosses Grow personalized cups that she made with her with her Cricket

No description available.
Best damn tacos both sides of the Rio Grande

Sam Tyson – Breakfast Tacos

Ray Woloszyn – Lodging for overflow of guests

No description available.
Left to Right – Chas Smith, Robert Duvall, Ray Woloszyn, Sam Tyson, Will Allred, Tim Deane

No description available.
Two US Marines fight it out on the beaches of Tarawa.
I expected there would be a fist fight when it came to choosing sides.
No description available.
Ray Wolloszyn and Will Allred in a candy store deciding
where to deposit their raffle tickets.
No description available.
Dave Johannsen and Keith Spurlock getting ready to go for a swim
No description available.
Keith Spurlock in the relative tranquility of the upstairs den.
No description available.
Ray Woloszyn resorting to using the Force to change the bad luck of his dice
No description available.
Dave and Tim Deane

No description available.
Sam and Ray just before Ray ignites Sam’s truck bomb with snake eyes and blows himself to smithereens
No description available.
Final score board
No description available.
Left to right – Jon Plott, Tim Brieaddy, Derek Ritter, Chas Smith’s ADIDAS, Jeff Jordan. Playing Space Base as the weekend unwinds.
No description available.
One of my besties Jeff Jordan setting up for a win against my Italians
No description available.
Tim Brieaddy (left) ponders how to steal the title from 2019 champ Tom Kearney (right).
No description available.
Jon Plott and Bill Ryder, The Starter Kit Connection. Both took a dip in the full ASL pool this weekend.

No description available.
James Lancaster going down to Tim B’s Russians
No description available.
Mr. Nameless having of swig of Rickman’s best.
No description available.
Sam, Dave, Derek, and someone else 😉 playing U-Boot. I’m not going to point fingers but the Captain was a madman, haha.
No description available.
Sam and I playing Space Base at the local watering hole

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