#86 – Croix De Guerre – Konigsberg – Winter Offensive 2020 – Interview with dan dolan

Croix De Guerre

Croix de Guerre is hot off the presses and MMP is currently shipping to pre-orders.  We should be getting ours out to you within a couple of weeks.  In this module, the French get a much needed face-lift with all new counters (9 sheets).  Also included are many new and old scenarios, maps, and the campaign game covering Rommel crossing the Meuse at Dinant in 1940.  We are keeping the price 20% off until we get all the pre-orders out so if you missed your chance, jump on it before it goes back up.

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 11 (2020)

The new Winter Offensive bonus pack will be in our hands shortly. We are selling this at exactly our cost ($15 + $4 (Box, Paypal fees, Shipping) of $19.00 as all proceeds go to charity.

Konigsberg – The Bear’s Revenge

Lone Canuck Publishing has released it’s biggest project to date.  This is the 7th campaign game frm LCP and the first two map product.  It has 6 scenarios including a very small one (I played it in less than an hour) and a huge one (think ‘The Last Bid’).  The map is an urban inferno.  Rubble, gutted buildings, gutted factories, wide city boulevards at every turn.  I managed to play a good sized scenario at Winter Offensive against Dave Reenstra which ended with me trying to rubble a building with a DC for the victory.  Although I couldn’t pull off the ‘W’, it was by far the most fun I had all weekend.  Now Tim and I are setting up the 15 turn monster. 

Interview with Dan Dolan, creator of Dinant Historical Module.

This interview is an hour and a half long. The sound quality improves over time. The first two minutes can be skipped over as I am trying to contact and improve the audio. I will try to edit this and replace it. If there is a volunteer that would like to do it for me I’d be very appreciative.


ASL Fiction

A shot disturbs the eerie silence of a deserted city street, punctuated by the frantic footfalls of men seeking cover. One of Kruger’s last veteran nco’s lies motionless in the street. The remnants of the dead man’s squad are nowhere to be seen—scattered in nearby houses and gutters—all thoughts the advance abandoned with the stunned demise or their leader…the compulsion for revenge obviously overcome by their instinct for self-preservation. Off to the right, Kruger’s own men have located the source of the lethal shot and are laying down a steady stream of fire on the church steeple directly ahead. The absence of responding fire suggests that the lone Russian marksman has beat a hasty retreat of been victimized by the withering fire of the German retort. Kruger has seen enough. He is to occupy the church and set up a regimental observation post at once. His orders leave no leeway for delays by a single sniper. He gives the signal to rush the building. Obedient their training, his men, veterans of France, the Balkans, and 18 months of fighting in Russia, spring to their feet. Seconds later the sharp, staccato retort of a Russian machinegun concludes the assertiveness of death itself that this time Kruger was wrong… (back of original Squad Leader box).

Talking with Tom Kearney at Winter Offensive, he described how much fun it would be to hear recounting of scenarios told by the participants on the ground (or on the cardboard) in the style of the  words on the back of the original Squad Leader box.  It got me thinking about writing a short story as witnessed by one of my surviving leaders after the completion of the scenario.  And then I realized that I have no writing skills whatsoever.  So I am forwarding the challenge to you.  If you think that this is a good idea and would like to participate, I will accept submissions and print and store them right here on this website for everyone’s enjoyment.  Please include a preface of the scenario played, the opponent played, and the outcome.  It would be exponentially more interesting if we could get both players to write their own perspective of the same scenario played.

Winter Offensive 2020

Just back from Bowie, MD where record crowds (over 200 I believe) gathered for MMP’s annual get together. So many old friends and new faces. Here is a rundown of my extended weekend:

Ray Woloszyn and I arrived Thursday afternoon where I jumped right into ‘One eyed Jaques’ from the new W.O.11 pack against my good friend Dan Stanhagen. I was the German player and Dan played the French. Those 1/2″ 37* French guns are a real pain. I think I take them for granted because of the size of the counter. Really fun scenario where the French keep guessing the German intentions to achieve victory.

Friday morning saw my second game which was against Sam Tyson. We played Feast Day (W.O.34) from W.O.11. I played as the British against Sam’s Germans. In this one, the British have to take a bunch of real estate in a city fight.

Friday afternoon I got to play David Goldberg (Chicago ASL Open) in ‘Ultimate Treachery’. David’s Japanese attacked my French garrison in late ’45. This is a wonderful scenario if ever you get a chance to play it.

Saturday morning I played Keith Spurlock in a Rally point scenario. I didn’t write down which one but my German’s were needing to take two small buildings and exit some points with 2 x PzII’s and 2 x PzIII’s. Like most RP and Schwerepunkt scenarios, you prep fire, you lose. Move at all costs. Do not stop for anything. Keith is a great player and an instant old friend. We chatted as much as we played and I can’t wait to see him again at ‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ in March.

My Fifth game, on Saturday afternoon was KBR2 from the new Konigsberg pack was a tiny scenario. Jim Thompson and I finished it in a about an hour but ohhhhhhh what an hour it was. 3 German squads with the help of some fortifications have to hold off what seems like the entire Russian army. As I moved the winning 4-5-8 squad toward the finish line for the big W (all of his squads had fired and could not FF because of a closer KEU, I heard a ‘click’. I had stumbled into a well placed German minefield which blew my leader along with his movement bonus onto the carpet next to the table. Well played Jim.

My last game was against Dave Reenstra in KBR5 – Artillery Economy Building. I had so much fun playing the previous Konigsberg scenario that I wanted to play another one. This one was much meatier and into the city instead of the suburbs. Again the German’s had seemingly little to stop Russian ISU 152’s, FT’s, 9-2 leadership, 6-2-8 AE’s, but once again those darn fortifications slowed and killed me just enough for victory to slip from my grasp. It ended up coming down to a hail mary DC placed at the base level of one building hex hoping it would rubble and have falling rubble into another hex that I needed to clear.

Last Russian turn

Sunday morning we decided to head back to NC after breakfast. I was lucky enough to sit with Dan Dolan and we had an incredible discussion about Dinant. Not just the CG that is included in Croix de Guerre but also his stories of when he visited the famous site of Rommel’s crossing when he was researching for the game.

And now I am home and dreaming of Where the Iron Crosses Grow, Bitter Ender, ASLOK, and then W.O. again. I hope to see you all there.

On Deck

Winter Offensive 11 (2020) – End of January

ASL Deluxe Redux – End of January

Fight For Seoul (Restock) – Beginning of February

Croix De Guerre – Middle of February

Onslaught to Orsha – Middle/End of February

#85 Seoul Release Date – Konigsberg – Quick 6 II – Where the Iron Crosses Grow 2020

The Fight For Seoul

Xavier has confirmed that the Epic Korean module featuring two campaign games should be arriving here at or around the 20th of December.  You can still get this product for another couple of weeks at the pre-order discounted price.  Note that you do not have to pay anything now.  You will get an invoice when we are within a week of shipping.


The Battle For Konigsberg

The largest CG released to date by George at LCP.  Looking at these awesome photos, this is going to be a great one.  At $60 shipping included, it looks like a great buy.  Ships December.

Königsberg – The Bear’s Revenge (KBR) is a tactical-level game that allows players to experience some of the challenges faced by local commanders during the Soviet Third Byelorussian Front’s bid to secure the German city of Königsberg. Königsberg was, according to British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, “a modernized heavily defended fortress”. Three concentric rings of fortifications surrounded the city: the outer ring of defences reinforced by 12 forts outside the town, the middle ring in the outskirts, and the inner city, which consisted of a single fortress of anti-tank defences, barricades and landmines, along with several other forts.

Königsberg – the Bear’s Revenge (KBR) will contain a 48″x34″ map (spilt into two halves), 280x 1/2″ counters, 88x 5/8″ counters, Historical Write Up, KBR Rules, Tactical Mission (a.k.a. Campaign Game), and 6 scenarios (1x enormous, 3x medium, and 2x small). The tentative release date will be in early December (notwithstanding an unforeseen misfortune) – just in time for Christmas. 

Quick 6 II

Another 6 small playable scenarios from George at LCP.  Don’t forget to pick up the original Quick 6 if you don’t already have it.

Q7 – Direct Pressure: Lessay-Periers Highway, France, 25 July 1944; Game Length: 6 Turns, Americans: 10½ Squads, 3x Leaders, 4x Machine-guns, 3x 60mm mortars vs. Germans 5x Squads, 2x Leaders, 2x Machine-guns, 81mm Mortar, and fortifications; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 41 minutesQ8 – New and Untested: Kursenai Bridgehead, East Prussia, 3 October 1944; Game Length: 6 Turns, Germans: 12x Squads, 3x Leaders, 4x Machine-guns vs. Russians 11x Squads, 3x Leaders, 7x Machine-guns; Estimated Playing Time 3 hours 11 minutes

Q9 – Long Day of Confusion: St. Contest, France, 7 July 1944; Game Length: 6 Turns; British: 12x Squads, 3x Leaders, 5x Machine-guns, 2x 2″ Mortars, 2x PIAT vs. SS-Germans: 5x Squads, 2x Leaders, Machine-Gun, 75mm Infantry Gun; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 38 minutes

Q10 – Most Important Thing: Narva, Russia, 1 March 1944; Game Length: 5½ Turns; Russians: 16x Squads, 3x Leaders, 5x Machine-guns, 2x DC vs. SS-Germans: 5x Squads, 2x Leaders, 2x Machine-guns, fortifications; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 34 minutes

Q11 – Demented with Grief: Lebisey, France, 8 July 1944; Game Length: 6 Turns; British: 10x Squads, 3x Leaders, 2x Machine-guns, 2x 2″ Mortars, PIAT vs. Germans: 8x Squads, 3x Leaders, 2x Machine-guns, fortifications; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 34 minutes

Q12 – Unfamiliar Land: Nizhe, Russia, 25 November 1942; Game Length: 5½ Turns; Germans: 11x Squads, 3x Leaders, 3x Machine-guns, 2x 50mm Mortars vs. Russians: 8x Squads, Crew, 2x Leaders, 4x Machine-guns; Estimated Playing Time: 2 hours 25 minutes


Each scenario is played on half a map board with a handful of counters per each side; these scenarios are fast, with limited SSR, to ensure minimum set up time and maximum game time.


For King and Country – Preorder

Luanne at MMP tells me that FKaC should be available around mid-January 2020.  We should be shipping shortly after that.  Our pre-order price matches MMP but saves you $10+ on shipping.

Where The Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament 2020

Actual film footage from our tournament last year.


‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ Team Tournament

Tim Brieaddy and I will be hosting the 6th Annual ‘Where the Iron Crosses Grow’ ASL Team Tournament. It will be held March 19th – 22nd, 2020.  World renowned as being the best and oldest ASL Team Tournament in the entire Kernersville, NC Area.

Spirit Of The Event:  This event is held for fun.  Make friends, laugh, smoke a cigar while sipping whiskey on the back deck. If you are the type of player that never looks up from the table to make eye contact with your opponent, doesn’t make small talk or tell stories, will only play scenarios that you have mastered, or get’s offended by jokes about Ken’s mom, then you might not have a good time being here.

Format:  Team Tournament. Each team is made up of 1 Veteran, 1 intermediate, and 1 Novice player.  Each player plays round-robin games against the other players in their class gaining points for their team.

Location: 918 Maxine St. Kernersville, NC. 27284.

When: Friday March 19th–Sunday March 22nd, 2020 (open play begins Thursday but the tournament begins Saturday)

Cost: Free.

Scenario list: None.  Play something that you would like to play not what I would like you to play.  All scenarios choices are upon mutual agreement of the players. It is a great time to dive into something new that you have always wanted to try as there is a good chance that the actual designer of the scenario is in attendance.

Prizes:  Too many to mention.  Plus some participation awards so everyone feels like a  winner.

Limited Space and Availability:  There are only 20 spots total for this event so register early and we ar


Players confirmed

  1. Tim Brieaddy
  2. Ray Woloszyn
  3. Ken Knott
  4. Jack Daniels
  5. Andy Hershey
  6. Dave Johansen
  7. Keith Spurlock
  8. Steve Swan (R)
  9. Robert Hammond (U)
  10. John Dober
  11. Jeff Jordan (T)
  12. Gary Bartlett
  13. Mika Harvialla
  14. Kevin Conelly
  15. Tom Kearney (B)
  16. Mike Rickman
  17. Lindsey Murillo (B)
  18. Tim Dean b
  19. Sam Tyson
  20. Xavier Vitry
  21. Derek Ritter (Spoiler)


Contact information:

Derek Ritter 336-462-4035 or E-mail



On the way to the front lines:

I honestly can not remember a time when so many great products were coming out in such a short period of time as now.  It is as if ASL has geared up to war-time production.  Until recently, a new player could not play the Italians (LFT14), the French (CDG), and the British (FKaC). Add to it the release of a huge Korean War module (Fight For Seoul), The Battle of Konigsberg, and the updated Onslaught to Orsha.  Such a great time to be in the hobby.

Nov. 2019 Quick 6 II (LCP)

Dec. 2019 Fight For Seoul (LFT)

Dec. 2019 Konigsberg (LCP)

Jan. 2020  For King and Country (MMP)

Jan. 2020 Croix De Guere (MMP)

2020           Onslaught to Orsha (BFP)

2020           Rat Charts v3 (LFT)


#84 – Fight For Seoul from Le Franc Tireur – Action Pack 14 (MMP). Race To The Meuse (LCP). ASLOK Recap.om LFT

Le Franc Tireur – The Fight For Seoul

Very limited quantities! Andy Hershey, prolific creator who brought you Kreta, Kampgruppe Scherer; The Shield of Cholm, & St. Nazaire, to name but a few, has  designed this giant Korean module.    This is the largest module ever produced by Xavier at LFT.  4 Historical maps, 2 campaign games, 21 scenarios, counters, rules, play aides, charts, etc.   Pre-orders are being taken now with a 10% discount and free shipping by clicking the link. Expected to ship to you by Christmas 2019.

N.B. If you do not own Forgotten War: Korea yet, I am making an unbelievable package deal for both the Korean Module and Fight For Seoul.

“The Fight for Seoul” contents,  will come in a shrink-wrapped box
Smith’s Ridge module:
  • 2 A1 maps (23,39 x 33,11 inches) for a total playing area of 33,11 x 46,81 inches.
  • Specific rules booklet (28 pages)
  • 11 scenarios
  • 3 pages of Terrain charts

all of the above, shrink-wrapped

Seoul module:
  • 2 A1 maps (23,39 x 33,11 inches) for a total playing area of 33,11 x 46,81 inches.
  • Specific rules booklet (36 pages)
  • 10 scenarios
  • 4 pages of Terrain charts

all of the above, shrink-wrapped

Sample of Seoul Map

Campaign games:

  • Specific rules booklet (28 pages)
  • Two CG with, for each of them:
    •     the scenario card
    •     the UN initial OB
    •     the initial KPA OB
    •     the reinforcements charts
    •     the FLAK alley aid chart (x2)
    •     the RG purchase record
    •     the CG Roster
all of the above, shrink-wrapped
LFT style (with a mix of 5’8″ and 1’2″ counters).

Korean War Combo -Super Sale

A $53.00 savings when buying both modules.  Ships around Christmas.

Action Pack 14

12 scenarios and 2 map boards on sale with free shipping.

AP 14 takes a deep dive into the battles in France throughout Normandy and Brittany in the late spring and summer of 1944. From D-Day to the Falaise Pocket to the drive on Brest, these 12 scenarios explore the fierce fighting engaged in by the infantry, armor, and mechanized cavalry of the American, British, and Canadian forces attacking (and being counterattacked by) a wide range of German defenders, primarily fallschirmjäger and elite SS forces. The scenarios are created by veteran designers Pete Shelling, Bill Sisler, and Ted Wilcox and developed under the guidance of veteran playtesters and tournament directors Bret Hildebran and Bill Hayward. These scenarios will stretch your tactical knowledge and skills, with many different situations. Bocage features heavily (but far from exclusively). There is one night paradrop scenario, and one is an assault on a fortified gun battery, but none of the scenarios uses offboard artillery. Several scenarios feature combined arms on both sides, several more combined arms on only one side, and several are infantry only.

Two new boards were designed specifically for this pack and feature significantly in its scenarios. Board 84 features a large hill mass next to a small village with many hedges, numerous orchards, and scattered woods conveying a very claustrophobic rural terrain. Board 12a/b features a larger village with stone buildings partially surrounded by a board-length gully, with orchards, grainfields, and hedges throughout. Both boards show off the skill of artist Charlie Kibler. With great boards and great scenarios, Action Pack #14 is sure to be a winner.

Action Pack #14: ASL Oktoberfest XXXIV contains:
• one 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboard (board 84) and one 11˝ × 16˝ double-sided geomorphic mapboard (board 12a/b)
• twelve ASL scenarios:
• AP132 Night of Nights – 8 turns, 6 June 1944, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, France
• AP133 Two The Hard Way – 7 turns, 9 June 1944, Azeville, France
• AP134 Death Takes a Toll – 6½ turns, 10 June 1944, Norrey-en-Bessin, France
• AP135 Fuller’s Folly – 6 turns, 12 June 1944, Hill 192, France
• AP136 Second To None – 6½ turns, 16 June 1944, Bérigny, France
• AP137 Fear Naught – 6½ turns, 26 June 1944, St. Manvieu-Norrey, France
• AP138 Red Horse Recon – 5½ turns, 8 July 1944, Goucherie, France
• AP139 Emergency Surgery – 6 turns, 4 August 1944, Chateau-Neuf, France
• AP140 Misty Morning Mayhem – 8½ turns, 7 August 1944, St. Barthélemy, France
• AP141 Currie’s Favor – 5½ turns, 19 August 1944, St. Lambert-sur-Dives, France
• AP142 The Closer – 5½ turns, 20 August 1944, St. Lambert-sur-Dives, France
• AP143 Late For Chow – 6½ turns, 29 August 1944, Kergoas, France

 Race for the Meuse

Lone Canuck Publishing has done it again with a new campaign game featuring early war Germans trying to reach the channel coast in 1940.  Historical map, scenarios, counters, and campaign game.



Brett and Bill kill it again with the greatest congregation of ASL’ers for the 34th straight year.  This little post is of my personal experience and will certainly leave out many of the events and matches that were more interesting and noteworthy.

I arrived Saturday around noon and set up in the same spot that I have camped at for the past decade or so, in the front area, not the main room.  This helps me with my anxiety around large groups of people.  My first match was a biggie against my good friend Jack Daniels (not the drink).  Last year we played the campaign game of Hatten in Flames, so this year, not to be outdone we wanted to play something big again.  At first we decided on playing Andy Hershey’s brand new Kreta scenario ‘Fallschirmjager Graveyard’ from Dispatches from the Bunker but I as worried that I didn’t have enough counters to accommodate the 80+ squads on each side.  So we decided on the Battle for Wiltz (not to be confused with ‘Road to Wiltz’) from George at LCP.  This takes place on a stunning map with pine forests and villages.  The game takes place over  linked scenarios where the next scenario OB is comprised of the survivors of the last scenario.  We made it to the end of scenario 2 before we called it for lack of US squads but not before Jack executed the nastiest AT ambush I have ever had the displeasure of being on the wrong end of.  His two AT guns (one manned by a green HS) knocked out five Hetzers and  a StuG in perfect triangulation.

I went on to play another 9 games including 6 in the mini tournaments.  Because I hadn’t signed up for any minis, Bret put me into the Partisan mini.  I have never played with/against partisans and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it but sweet sassy mollasy did I ever have a great time.  In one scenario against Pat Palma, in which I as the Polish partisan, I was emerging from sewers behind his SS and dropping DC’s on his Panther from the second floor building, and throwing Mols whenever I got the chance.   What a hoot.  Moral of the story is to try new stuff, you won’t be disappointed.  I was also placed in the Desert mini and played Khamsin in the final round against Michael Rogers.  If you haven’t tried this scenario, you should.  I will change your view on the Desert.  It get’s really close up and personal because of the heavy wind and heavy dust.  It also gave me a chance to use those awesome Dust Devil Battle Dice which does the rounding for you.

Michael Rogers in the Desert Mini Final.

Final position at the end of turn 6. With 2 Hillock summits in German hands and the 3rd a hex away, Michael conceded the field… until 2021 where we may meet in the blazing desert sun once again..

Kamikaze Pete

Playing PHD1 against Trent Dobbs.

Bob Bendis spoiling Bill’s run to the Grofaz finals. And yes, all cool people wear Tractor Supply hats.

Friends and socializing –

I was so happy to see so many of my good friends again this year and make many new friends but sad that so many were missing.  There are some fine restaurants in Cleveland that I try to hit each year.  Whether it’s  Sokolowski’s Polish restaurant,  Der BrauMeister German restaurant, or Denny’s.  Always great food and even better conversation.



Bob Bendis posing for the broken side of the leader counter.

#83 – Free Italian Supplemental Counters from Broken Ground Design – ASL Starter Kit 4 – Special Ops 9 – LFT Sale

Hi all,

it has been way too long but I promise I will make up for the hiatus with this long overdue post.





Free Supplemental Italian Counters with your next order:

LFT 14 – 100+ pages of Italian goodness

LFT Infantry counter that come with LFT 14

On of the counter sheets included in LFT 14

When LFT 14 was released, I was immediately floored. The contents of the magazine just blew me away.  Themed around the Italians, it has incredibly interesting articles,  32  scenarios (think about it, that is 4 times as many scenarios as came with the official Italian module from AH),  and what was needed more than anything for any player that missed out on Hollow Legions, the complete Italian infantry/SW OOB. Not only were all the original infantry types present on the included counter sheets, but also new  infantry types to more realistically represent some of the formidable formations that the Italian army fielded during the war.  The only problem was that some of the scenarios were dependent on the counters from HL for concealment counters, Vehicles, and Guns.   Enter Alan Findley.  Alan who has been producing some great third party counters under the Broken Ground Design flag thought it would be a great way to get a sample of his product into player’s hands.  He proposed to me that he would make the counters and sell them to me for distribution at his cost under condition that in return, I sold them to you at cost.  Well I have one better.  I would like to give them to you at no charge when you add them to any order.

Supplemental counters including all the Guns, Vehicles, and Sangars needed to play all 32 scenarios included in LFT14.

On the back of the 5/8″ Concealment Counters. Many of the informational counters needed to play DTO.

Click on the link below to add your free counters to your order:

Broken Ground Design – Italian supplemental counters

Please note, the additional counters make it possible to play the 32 scenarios in LFT14 but does not represent the entire Italian OOB.

Also,  from now on if you purchase LFT14, it will automatically come with the BG Italian supplemental counters so no need to add them.

Please check out Broken Ground Design‘s products including Red Berserk counters, San Valued Sniper counters, Wounded Leader counters, etc.

Le Franc Tireur – Sale

I am putting everything from LFT on sale an extra 10% this month.  I have to make room on the shelves for some new and cool ASL things that are in the pipeline.  Please use Coupon Code ‘LFT10’ at checkout. N.B. This coupon will only work for KGS if purchased as the combo with the player’s guide.


Coupon Code : LFT10

Starter Kit 4

I love the Japanese.  They are so much fun to play and to play against.  They turn ASL on it’s head, making you rethink old battle proven tactics.  MMP has released Starter Kit 4, taking you to the PTO.  You get 3 maps, US Army, USMC, and IJA forces to battle it out over 8 scenarios.  Like all Starter Kit releases, everything needed to play is in the box.   We are selling this great game for 10% off retail plus free shipping.


Special Ops 9

Including 2 ASL Scenarios and 2 ASL SK scenarios along with articles, and a new game which I can’t mention on this site because my ASL collection get jealous.

#82 – From the Cellar Pack 9 – Iron Crosses AAR –

Video Link to Post #82

From the Cellar Pack 9

17 new scenarios from Xavier, the gang at LFT, and Vae Victis. Also included is the Italian Nationality capabilities chart to go with your LFT14.  All enclosed in a 12 page booklet that includes an article, replay, and humor.  Remember that From the Cellar 8 is almost sold out forever so if you are also missing that one, you can get it here while quantities last.



Where the Iron Crosses Grow ASL Team Tournament 2019

Kakazu Ridge 3D map.

Jack Daniels and Montreal Pizza

On leave from the front. Where the soldiers relax and unwind.

This year we had our biggest attendance ever with 18 players from as far away as Arizona over the course of 4 days.  The players were divided into three teams of 4 and one team of 5 players and one floater (me).

The top bracket saw Ray Woloszyn, Andy Hershey, Dave Stephens, Mika Harviala, and Tom Kerney.  Tom and Andy played for the top spot in this division after both were unbeaten going into their fourth game.  Tom was able to get the win and tie Tim Brieaddy for MVP but unfortunately was not enough to raise his team to victory.

Mid Bracket saw undefeated Tim Brieaddy squeak by Gary Bartlett for MVP and lead his team to Victory.

In the beginner bracket, Dave Johansen cleaned house against bringing his team within inches of winning the overall team tournament.

Award Winners:

MVP: Tom Kearney (4-0)/Tim Brieaddy (4-0)

Team: +7 W/L Andy Hershey, Tim Brieaddy, Tim Dean, Jeff Jordan

Capt. Stransky Award: Ian Monroe (0/4)

Vasily Zaytsev Award: Tom Kearney

Michael Wittmann Award: Tim Brieaddy


Bitter Ender 2019, Raleigh, NC:

Grognard Winner: ?

Mini Winners: Tim Brieaddy,


Contacting me:

Last week I was in California for my son’s Nationals Ice Hockey Tournament and I had a terrible time trying to respond to e-mail.  For some reason, my i-phone will receive but not reply to e-mail.  If you ever need to contact me, please save my phone number and feel free to call me at 336-462-4035 or friend me on Facebook (Ritterkrieg) and message me.


Coming Soon:

Ritterkrieg – Sniper/ELR/OBA Cards


-BFP – Onslaught to Orsha

-Broken Ground – LFT14 Supplemental Counters

MMP – Starter Kit 1, Starter Kit 2, Starter Kit 4.

Recent Products that you may have missed:

LFT – From the Cellar 9




BFP – Corregidor



LFT – Le Franc Tireur 14



MMP – Red Factories



LCP – LSSAH (6) Normandie


Last Call:

The following items are in limited supply with no known plans of a reprint:

LFT – Rat Charts v2+




      LFT – From The Cellar 8

LFT – Kampfgruppe Scherer


LFT – Kampfgruppe Scherer Players Guide





#81 – Red Factories – LSSAH Normandy – Sniper Cards – Dice Towers – Le Franc Tireur: From The Cellar 9 –


From the Cellar 9 is in production and will be out on pre-order any day now.

Red Factories

Red Factories is in stock and on sale for $140 shipping included or Red Factories with dented box for $120.

LSSAH Normandy: In stock and shipping.  8 scenarios plus counters for $16.

Sniper/ELR Cards are a GO!!!  – Production and pre-orders begin soon.

This pack will include all of the major nationalities along with some OBA cards (not the same ones I made in the past).

Dice Towers:

I have 4 dice towers completed and ready to ship, one in each type of wood. Left to right; Cherry, Goncalo Alvarez, Walnut, African Padauk.


Where the Iron Crosses Grow Team Tournament:

Reminder that the action begins in less than 2 weeks.  March 28-31.

Call for last minute registration. 336-462-4035.



#80 ASL News…LeFrancTireur14 – BFP Corregidor – MMP Red Factories – Starter Kit 4 – LSSAH 6 Normandie

Something New…Video summary of my post:

Le Franc Tireur 14


LFT 14 has arrived and is shipping same day to you. I am extending the pre-order sale price for the time being.   Thank you all for your unending patience.  This one has been well worth the wait. 8 million bayonets on your table at long last.

Bounding Fire Productions – Corregidor

Corregidor: The Rock


Wow, this is an incredible package that took me completely by surprise.  Two huge maps, counters,  and tons (yes, over 2,000 pounds) of scenarios.


MMP – Red Factories

I had the chance to see Red Factories at Winter Offensive and it is incredible.  If you love Stalingrad, this is a must have.  MMP is shipping pre-orders now, so we should have ours within a couple of weeks.  We have Red Factories on sale for $140 with free shipping.


ASL Starter Kit 4

Starter Kit 4 has been added to the pre-order list.  Click on the photo link to read up on SK moving to the Pacific.

Dice Towers

I am finally ready to put my dice towers on pre-sale.  They are available in 4 different types of wood (Walnut, Goncalo Alvez, Cherry, African Padauk) each in limited quantity.  Each tower will be shipped within two weeks of the order which gives me time to customize your tower stain and mat.

Final model – Goncalo Alvez

Height of tray using with 16mm dice before custom mat.

Example of custom mat. Note that the dice tower in photo was an earlier prototype.

Example of custom mat. Note that the dice tower in photo was an earlier prototype.



2019  ASL Tournaments:

Jan. 17-20. Winter Offensive – MMP

January 25-27. Winter War – Champaign, – IL

February 21 – 24. TotalCon – Marlboro, MA – February 25th

February 21-24. West Coast Melee – Ontario, CA

March 21-24. Nor’Easter

March 28-31. Where the Iron Crosses Grow – Ritterkrieg  – Kernersville, NC. dritter3@triad.rr.com 336-462-4035

April 11-14. Bitter Ender – Raleigh, NC.

June  7-9. Human Wave – Tysons, VA

June 20-23. Texas Team Tournament – BFP – Round Rock, TX

July 18-21. Hallowed Ground – Dober – Gettysburg, PA

August 8-11. Tussle in the Tundra – Manchester, NH

October 6-14. ASLOK – Cleveland, OH








#79 – LFT 14 on Pre-Sale. *** Free Stuff is Back!!! *** New Scenario Pack From Lone Canuck ***

Le Franc Tireur #14 – Arriving  January. 

Order Here

LFT 14 is on it’s way across the Atlantic.   104 pages, 32 scenarios, 2 countersheets.

This issue focuses on the Italians, from the invasion of France to the Greek mountains, from Eritrea to Abyssinia or Somalia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, but also Sicily and even China. Also included, two countersheets and 32 scenarios, thus a thicker issue than our regular LFT mag with, this time, 104 pages.


- Editor’s Foreword
- Advancing Fire (an Italian project for ASL)
- 10 questions to… ECZ
- LFT Humor
- Villeneuve d’Ascq 2018
- The Bulgarian Armor 1944
- The Decima MAS
- I gruppi di Combattimento
- SS Italia
- Lighting Strikes : the Folgore Division
- Birds of Prey : Aerial support in ASL
- Italians in ASL
- Series Replay : LFT 214 A Grain of Sand
- Bibliography

104 pages – 99% is in English and one ad in French 🙂

The Scenarios

ID Name Nations Date
LFT225 Blue Hell at P.A. ABRIES French – Italian 2 November 1940
LFT226 Veni Venezia ! Greek – Italian 19 November 1940
LFT227 Damsels in Distress Italian – Greek 19 November 1940
LFT228 Last Charge at Umbrega Italian – French 2 January 1941
LFT229 A Push in the Bush Italian / British 13 February 1941
LFT230 Italian Behemoth South African – Italian 15 February 1941
LFT231 Cub Cub Hills Italian -French 20 February 1941
LFT232 Heart of Darkness South African – Italian 22 February 1941
LFT233 Surprised Gideon Allied – Italian 6 March 1941
LFT234 Meat Meats Attack Italian – Belgian 22 March 1941
LFT235 Once More Unto the Breach British – German/Italian 6 April 1943
LFT236 Ethnic Cleansing Partisan – Italian 19 August 1941
LFT237 Roma Victor Russian – German/Italian 23 September 1941
LFT238 El Himeimat Ridge Italian – Free French 24 October 1942
LFT239 Armored Probe at Sidi-Nsir French – German/Italian 21 November 1942
LFT240 Commando Beach 1 Italian – British 10 July 1943
LFT241 Commando Beach 2 Italian – British 10 July 1943
LFT242 That Bridge Again British – Italian 10 July 1943
LFT243 Send More Pigeons II Italian – American/British 10 July 1943
LFT244 Venturi Effect Italian – American 11 July 1943
LFT245 Ciao Cina Japanese – Italian 9 September 1943
LFT246 Gladium Pro Patria e Rege Italian – German 9 September 1943
LFT247 Roter Mann Italian/Partisan – German/Militias 15 November 1943
LFT248 Hunting High German – Bulgarian 17 November 1944
LFT249 Winter’s Fury American – German/Italian 26 December 1944
LFT250 Decimation Italian – Slovenian 20 January 1945
LFT251 The Last Drive German – American 14 April 1945
LFT252 Fratelli… German/Italian – Italian 24 April 1945
LFT253 Axis & Allies German/Italian – American/Partisan 27 April 1945
LFT254 insurrection at Cividale SS – Italian 28 April 1945
LFT255 paper Tigers SS – Partisan 28 April 1945
LFT256 Radio X-MAS Partisan/American – Italian 30 April 1945

Free Stuff Is Back!!!

Last year we featured some ASL goodies that we were giving away for free.  This year, just in time to stuff your stockings, we have expanded the list of free stuff to include 11 different titles.  For every $100 you spend (Pre-Orders NA), add one item from the free stuff page to your cart.

Free stuff this year includes:

Winter Offensive 2010

Winter Offensive 2011

Winter Offensive 2012

Winter Offensive 2013

Winter Offensive 2014

Winter Offensive 2015

Winter Offensive 2016

Winter Offensive 2017

Out of the Attic 2

Best of Friends

Rivers To The Reich



Lone Canuck Publishing

LCP has release Quick6 scenario pack

6 very short scenarios, each on 1/2 board that can be played in 2-3  hours.


Amy Jo learns to play Starter Kit.


After what has now been known throughout the land as the famous Cheetoh incident, no one thought Amy would ever sit down to play ASL with me again.  But out of the grace of her heart and with the admission of snacks to the gaming table, we were once again rolling dice playing S2.  Amy took the defending Russians while I attacked with the Germans.  She was not very happy about the fact that I received a flame thrower and she didn’t.  Amy ended up winning the scenario but not before humiliating me by capturing my FT and a DC.

#78 – For King and Country Pre-Order – Friendly Fire 12 – Sneak Peak at Italian Counter Artwork From LFT14 – Corregidor

It has been a very busy week in the world of ASL.

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire 12 – FF12 is here and shipping.  Eight brand new scenarios.

Friendly Fire #12


Armies of Oblivion is finally back on the shelves and shipping.  If you pre-ordered from me but did not get an invoice, just re-purchase it and ignore your pre-order.  I have left the price the same until the pre-orders are completed.  I also have 4 copies that were ordered for pre-order that never completed, so this is your chance to get a copy at pre-order price even if you didn’t pre-order it.


For King and Country has been put on Pre-Order.  Hopefully this will not take as long as AOO or Forgotten War.


Deluxe ASL is coming back with a bang.  New artwork for the 8 mapboards found in Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell, 38-40 classic update DASL scenarios, and overlays.  Pre-order here.  Don’t forget to get your LFT Deluxe Pack and W.O.#9 to go with it.

Product Image

Beyond Valor is days away from being back in stock.  You can order yours now but be aware that it may take a couple of weeks to fill orders.

Le Franc Tireur

LFT 14

Xavier has released samples of the Italian counter artwork for the new LFT14.  In my opinion, these are some of the coolest counter artwork I have seen.  We will be taking pre-orders for LFT14 as soon as Xavier finalizes a price.  The magazine will be 100+ pages and include the entire Italian order of battle as well as 30+ scenarios.


Rat Pocket Charts

Rat Chart Version 2+ (Green) are now back in stock in very limited quantities.  Order them while they last.



Bounding Fire

BFP has announced the upcoming release of Corregidor:The Rock.  We have it on sale for $77 including free shipping.  We expect to ship in January.

Front Cover

Back Cover


Le Valet d'CoeurLe Valet D’ Coeur in Montreal, Canada has now added the complete ‘Le Franc Tireur’ line up to their already extensive ASL catalog.  Please check them out for all your gaming needs if you are a local or just visiting this great city.





#77 – October ASL Sale – Hatten CG After Action Report – Shipping Armies Of Oblivion

Armies of Oblivion

MMP has started shipping Armies of Oblivion to their pre-orders.  Luanne has told me that we retailers can expect our copies sometime next week.  If you missed the pre-order cutoff with MMP, don’t worry, you can still get it here at the pre-order price with free shipping.


October Sale:


Yanks – This is the perfect time to upgrade this core module.  Crisp new counter artwork, new SK style boards and dozens of new and updated scenarios.  On sale for $99 from the usual $128.

Le Franc Tireur:

Kampfgruppe Scherer with slightly creased box (contents are mint) for $99.00.  That’s $34 off the regular price.  We have very limited quantities so this item may not last the month.  Don’t forget to add in the Player’s Guide when ordering.

Deluxe Pack

Also, we are continuing the sale on the Deluxe pack until we sell the last five we had set aside for last month’s sale.

Bounding Fire Productions:

Poland In Flames with free Polish Precision Battle Dice

Heat Of Battle:


SS Pack IV – 33% off

Now is your chance to pick up these classic Waffen SS themed scenarios that were originally released in ‘Fuhrer’s Firemen’ and ‘No Quarter No Glory’ for only $20.


ASL News and Rumors:

-Beyond Valor will be back in stock within the month

-MMP is planning a re-release of Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell

-LFT 14 including the entire Italian OB and 30 scenarios will be out by Christmas

-BFP is planning a reprint of Onslaught to Orsha


Hatten in Flames CG Review:


Jack Daniels and I agreed to play CG1 from Hatten In Flames.  This is the bigger of the two campaign games that come in the box covering five possible CG dates.  The battles raged as follows:


January 9th

I purchased two infantry companies because I had a lot of ground to cover and hold, and the quality of the infantry was very good.  Lots of 5-4-8’s and great leadership.  I also purchased a platoon each of PzIV’s, StuG’s, and JGPZ IV’s and finallyu a module of 100mm OBA.  I chose not to purchase Panthers at this time as the armor on the JgPz’s were almost as good and I got three in the platoon instead of 2 panthers.  They would serve as my tank killers while the StuG’s and PzIV’s would support the infantry and provide Smoke.  Jack Left the cemetery vacant which gave me an easy VP location but defended heavily the line between the synagogue and Eglise St. Michel.   Early on, Jack destroyed a PzIV in CC when I sleazed his 6-6-6 in order to move a stack up. I lost a 9-2 to sniper fire.  Fortunately, his Hellcats failed on all APCR rolls which enabled my JgPz’s to make quick work of them.  By the end of the day, the German’s had secured three of the four objectives while destroying five of his AFV’s.

January 10th

I purchased another company infantry along with two platoons of Panthers and a module of 100mm OBA.   Jack purchased more tanks and more infantry.  The German assault continued taking the center wooden building area of the map and pushing deeper into Hatten proper.  For this scenario, the German’s only have to have a net gain of one victory location.  I managed to capture another 3.  Highlights were tragic American losses including 7 tanks and close to 20 squads.  The Germans lost 20 CVP including another 9-2 leader to a critical hit from a bazooka.  One of my Panthers was immobilizes and abandoned from 60mm mortar fire.

January 11th

I passed on this date as I already had enough victory locations to win the campaign.  Since Jack passed as well, this date was idle.

January 12th

US High Command recognizes the gravity of the situation and plays a dawn attack chit to wrestle the initiative and a VP location back from my Germans.  As there are many more victory location in the town of Hatten, this is where I fortify the most. Much to my surprise, his attack is in the direction of the cemetery.  I suppose he is trying to outflank the town and swing around, recapturing the cemetery and the synagogue.  Fortunately, a module of 120mm OBA, 2 JgPzIV’s, and a Panther contain the attack in a bottleneck with the RR tracks to one side and the arty one the other.  At this point I released my reserves deep behind the town of Hatten (about where the king of spades lies in the photo above) and the Jack conceded.

I would have liked to play the remaining CG date but it was already decided by this point so there was no point in continuing.

Final Thoughts

US player: insight into defending as the American.  Set-up the fortified buildings well behind the lines as there is no way to stop the German onslaught on the first day.  Fall back and conserve your forces.  The Americans with their 6 morale can’t stand up to the German 8 morale for long, especially when there a two 9-2 leaders all but nullifying the stone building protection.  Hunt the German weak armored tanks in packs and save your APCR shots for the beasts.  Go for deliberate Immobilization against the Panthers and JgPz’s if he will close to within 6 hexes.  Use your mortars against the tanks (Jack’s mortars took out two of my tanks including a Panther).    Don’t be discouraged as you will battle harden a ton of your squads every day into 6-6-7’s.  It does get better.

German Player: Insight into the attack. Break / surround / destroy.  I cannot count how many times his squads were eliminated for failure to rout in our playing.  At least 90% of his casualties came from this method.  Prep fire with 20’s, 24’s, 30’s and then wherever something breaks, skoot a vehicle (even a BU ht) behind him and a hs in front of him and voila, a break in his line and GI’s that will never rally.  If he gets bold enough to send in his armor, send in you tank killers.  Have your heavily armored vehicles hunting and your StuG’s and PzIV’s in an overwatch position.   Do not forget to shoot IFT at his Hellcats as they are CE.  If you Stun/STUN/SHOCK one of the M18’s during his turn, he won’t be CE and able to fire/CC until his next turn, allowing you to do all types of nasty things to him during your turn. CC by a single squad could be as high as an 11 because of open top, ATMM, immobile, ambush, etc.).  Be calculating and deliberate  focusing on the weak areas while always keeping your eye on the ball snatching up those VP locations.  The -2 DRM for winning a scenario helps a bunch during the refit phase.

Overall impressions:

I had a blast which was in no small part because I enjoyed playing against Jack.  He is a wonderfully skilled opponent who never forgets that playing is a social event.  Hatten In Flames is exactly what I like about CG’s without all the stuff that I dislike.

Positives: Small scope, beautiful map, fun toys, manageable order of battle, much of the bookkeeping done for you, no night scenarios (if you don’t like night), very few special rules, streamlined purchasing and refit phase, no depleted units, very affordable at $50 shipping included.

Negatives: Only five CG dates, no night scenarios (if you like night).

If you have never tried a CG game, I suggest that you start right here with this one.

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